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RIP Rowdy

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Before I went on my hols, I fostered a mum and 3 kittens. The two boys didn't get a home, so they had to go back to the rescue while I was away, and they had slightly poorly tums while I was away, which was put down to the stress of moving again. They had got better, and seemed to be doing well, but sadly this morning, the little black and white boy, Rowdy, was found dead, with his brother Yoshi laid on top of him. They were 8 weeks old on the 6th September when I took them on, so would hvae been around 15 weeks old, so sad that he never got to experience a loving home. RIP little one, I am so sorry. Here is a pic taken with his mum the day they went to the rescue.

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What an adorable little man. I am SO sorry and you have my sincere empathy and sympathy. We can at least be very glad that he had YOU to love him, and that he was with his family. Play over the Bridge, little Rowdy -- we love you!
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Awww, what a cute little boy. I'm so sorry. It must be hard for you to hear this outcome for one of your foster kitties.

RIP Rowdy
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That is awful! I'm so sorry that Rowdy has passed on
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It is awful that he left my house healthy, and 3 weeks later, he has died, and didn't get out of a rescue environment. I need to ring the person who adopted his sister later to check that she is fine. He got a happy 3 weeks here though, and then him and his brother were happy together at the rescue, but his poor brother Yoshi is very vocal cos he has never been alone.
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Oh that's so sad. Poor kitty. I'm sorry for the difficult loss. And it is a loss even though the kit wasn't at your home at the time. You still grieve for them.
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Thanks, and it was still a loss cos he spent a few weeks here.
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Oh that's so sad, i'm so sorry

Play happy at the bridge you sweet angel

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Sadly, Yoshi, his brother died the day after him, I am feeling so guilty at the moment, as they were fine when they left my care. At least 2 of the 4 were saved though. RIP little ones.
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Oh no!

Rest in peace, little ones. Know that you are loved and missed.

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Aww sorry to hear about your foster kittens
They are so beautiful! RIP Little Buddies
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Aww Rowdy, you will be missed little buddy Rest in peace sweetheart
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Thanks guys, they will be missed, at least they got a few weeks in a home environment here, even if they did have to end in a rescue environment.
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Poor Rowdy and Yoshi -Rowdy looks so healthy in the photo I am so glad that you were able to give them a home life and that they knew what it was to be a part of the family. And in the rescue, they probably got alot of attention because they were so cute Maybe it was better that they passed away before being adopted by some sweet little girls who would have been absolutely devastated at losing them. You did so much for those precious boys and for that all of Heaven and earth thanks you
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Those poor sweet babies.
Rest in peace Rowdy & Yoshi.
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Thanks, that is a lovely way of looking at it, and makes me feel a lot better.
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