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tail knot?

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Hi~ I'm fostering a mama and her four kittens. All are doing very well but I have a question I've been curious about. The mama is a calico DSH & has a short tail...about 6-7 inches long and at the very end it feels like a scrunched up knot inside.

Any idea what this is all about...if anything?
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Sounds to me like her tail was broken at some point. Does it seem to cause her any pain?

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Yes, I'd second what Laurie says there.

When we adopted Tolstoy, he came to us with a little nib at the end of his tail too and we were told that it seems it must have been trapped in a door or something similar at some point. It doesn't cause him any problem though and he gets on just fine with it.
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Some cats are born with tail "kinks". Its a bone deformity. Don't try to straighten it or anything. Japanese Bobtails are born with "curly kinked" tails which is a desired trait in the breed. In other purebreds its a tail fault and can be cause to disqualify the cat.

In mixed breeds its a cute thing and nothing to worry about
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Thank you everyone...It kinds seems to me that she was born with it because of her tail being so short too...I really appreciate the answers because I was very puzzled by this...so again..thanks everyone!!
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