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pregnant stray

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I am pretty sure we have a female stray around here that is pregnant.What kinds of things would tell me for sure she is and about how far along?She has become fatter in the past few weeks hanging around and she has let me touch her(but thats about it)i can feel her nipples(they have no hair around them mostly).
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If her nipples appear not to have much fur around them, then the time could be close. You notice pregnancy at approximately 5 weeks when it comes to size. Has she ever let you touch her before? Some cats get more loving towards humans when they are expecting
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normally she just runs away when i tried to get close.
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Many years ago a neighbours cat came into my mum's bedroom & gave birth on my parent's bed. Mum was most indignant at the time because they weren't married long & it was her brand new bedspread.
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You could always put out a humane trap and trap her. Then personally I would have her immediately spayed since there are WAY too many kitties in the world but you can do whatever you want then. At least they will all be safe and she won't have to go through any more pregnancies.
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unfortunetly i cannot afford to spay or provide medical treatment to any animals but my own.And iam not sure about vets around here,I havent seen her all day today yet.
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