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Eye Issue

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A couple of weeks ago, I took one of our kittens in to the vet because she started having a discharge from one of her eyes and she appeared to be "winking" at me because she wasn't opening her eye all the way. The vet diagnosed it as a possible injury from playing to rough or grooming herself and prescribed an antibiotic eye drop. I gave it to her and she recovered thank God. Yesterday I noticed she started doing the same thing but with the other eye...

Called the vet and just got a prescription for the same antibiotic drops for the other eye which I am glad about.

I guess I'm asking... Is it possible this is not an injury as the same thing happened in both eyes about almost 2 weeks apart? What could it be?
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Not too sure, but Singa had ssomething similar which in the end turned out to be part of the flu she had caught. The vet originally gave the same diagnosis, but when it came to the second eye and also that there was some sneezing involved he diagnosed flu.

Hope your kitty feels better soon!
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Thank u for your response.

I am sorry your kitties are under the weather as well.

We have 3 other cats and there is a very little bit of sneezing going on... no discharge.. nobody else is having eye issues. Although, I'm not sure if Peaches herself is sneezing. I haven't seen her..

I will do what the vet said and just wait over the weekend.. and hopefully it will get better.

I just wanted to know if anybody else had gone through this.. and what else it might be because I just didn't think she could get the same injury in each eye so close together... although she does get bunny kicked in the head quite often. Just kidding.... but not really.
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Yes, right now a few of my kits have to be treated for eye infections while a couple others have laryngitis and a few are sneezing but not goopy at all. (these are fosters and my kits). It seems like a very mild form of URI.
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Oh almost forgot, yes I think it is probably mild conjunctivitis and not an injury for your kitty. I think the vets think it is safer to treat any eye problem even if if there is a question about it being infectious just because the eyes are prone to get worse quickly if it is not a mild virus etc.
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Please monitor it carefully! I'm really upset that Singa & Soleil where not diagnosed by the vets properly. A lot of trouble and costs could have been avoided if they had immediately seen the flu or URI or whatever they were/are having.
Is the vet aware of the other cats sneezing?
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I didn't mention about the other cats sneezing because it is not a lot, not even everyday. I thought it may just be from the dust seriously because it can get pretty humid here.

I will ask though on Monday because if it is a mild URI, then I want to nip it in the butt and get it taken care of.
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Just a note though, everyone else seems to be just fine except for they sneeze every now and then..maybe once every two days.. just not a lot at all that I'm even concerned.... and that just started a couple of days ago.. maybe her eyes are just sensitive???

Could it be from the food? I switched them this past Monday to a new dry food that they all seem to like.

I got her medicine and I'm going to give it to her and just see how she does.
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Naah it is the mild URI. I had the exact same thing with very occasional sneezing, but it turned into 6 sneezes in a row after about 4 days. That cat never got worse or goopy, but others manifested it with runny eyes and others got laryingitis. Very unusual but mild.

Even so, b/c several of mine are foster kittens, and b/c the 2 who got laryngitis are my own kitties who never get sick, I took all the kitties showing symptoms to the doc ($$$$). The vet showed me how the 3rd eyelid on one of them was all red. But again, not all with bad eyes had this. And the eye didn't look horrendous.
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Thank you Barb.

If it is an URI, I certainly want to do something about it while everyone is still feeling comfortable and before it gets any worse.

I will call on Monday and see what the vet says.

Thanks again. I appreciate the responses.!
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
The vet showed me how the 3rd eyelid on one of them was all red. But again, not all with bad eyes had this. And the eye didn't look horrendous.
Dang! When Singa had her eye infection and the vet was pulling her lid open and analyzed the eye I almost fainted!!! I could save myself from the embarassment by sitting down quickly - thow they did treat me like the main patient afterwards

But back to the topic - the sneezing in Soleil and Singa was also not very often at the beginning. Depending on the individual immune level some cats can last longer than others - in our case Soleil obviously took it better than Singa for she was only sneezing every now and then while Singa had the eye infection and later a bronchitis - with water around her heart and all...

Just take good care of them! From now on I will always play on the safe side!
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