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Singa & Soleil are sick again!... or still not recovered fully?

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When we first got Soleil she brought in the flu bug... took quite a few vet visits to identify it it though - I blame it on the vet...
Soleil was sneezing from day one and the vet just put it off as some allergic reaction to dust.... this went on for some weeks until finally Singa got an eye infection - which the vet also didn't recognize as the flu but rather as some irritation in the eye - caused by dust or something... Of course things got worse.. more sneezing from both cats and a heavy cough on Singa's side...

After several visits and high vet bills they finally diagnosed the flu (Singa's xray showed that she had water around her heart... ) and treated both cats with antibiotics and steroids.

It all got better, but Singa never really recovered. She is still sneezing in between - and we got Soleil in February. It's not bad, but it's still there every now and then. But considering she was always a healthy and strong cat before Soleil came in the house, it really irritates me....

Soleil however is very sick now. She got spayed last Friday and immediately developed a sneezy coughy something the next day. It sounds like a mix of sneezing and coughing and then she looks like she is about to throw up, but nothing happens. I't getting worse everyday. On the phone the vet said it could be because of the tube they put down her throught, but since it is getting worse she wants to see her again. Tomorrow morning I'm taking her there. She really suffers when she sneeze-coughs... and she sneezed about 10 times today - each time sneezing 10-15 times in a row

I really don't know why her immune system seems to be so low... all her blood test were fine.

Could the cats be sensitive to the aircon running all day??? Myself I am diagnosed with some weird fungal infection in my sinuses and need to go for surgery next week. The doc told me to see that the house is free of humidity - which is difficult living in Singapore.. that's why I have decided to kee one aircon on all day (but ony for the last 2 weeks).
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Actually, it's possible they could have the same fungal infection that you do. You may want to ask the vet about whether it is something they could have contracted and how to go about treating it. In the meantime, you may want to try giving them L-Lysine. It's an amino acid supplement that can help prevent viral replication due to herpes viruses. It won't hurt to give it even if they don't have herpes, but it can help a lot if they do have it.
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I agree that the L-Lysine may help. I would also give both cats vitamin C mixed with wet food - up to 500 mg twice a day. Start with a smaller amount and work up to this. It will boost their immune systems and help them fight off whatever is making them ill.

The air conditioner running all day should help, not hurt, unless the cats are sitting in a draft and getting too cold.
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Thanks cloud_shade, I will check with my vet on the fungal issue. Though from what the doc told me and what I read up on the net it comes from the environment and most likely from India - where I went beginning of the year when I was down with a bad cold... but will check anyway.

What exactly is L-Lysine for and how should it help? Sorry I'm no expert - what does herpes have to do with the symptoms?? - poor thing is sneeze coughing again right now... she will stop if I stroke her chest though...

I have been giving them this powder supplement containing all kinds of vitamins. I ran out a couple of dasy ago so I can't look up the name - but obviously it wasn't doing it's job
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Feline herpes virus causes cold-like symptoms in cats. If that's what your cats are suffering from, L-Lysine would prevent the virus from multiplying, so the immune system has an easier time of dealing with it.
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I'll ask my vet for it tomorrow! Or is it something I can only get at a pet shop?
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I buy the L-Lysine wherever I would normally find human vitamins. It usually comes in a 500 mg tablet, so I break it in half and give it twice per day (per my vet's advice).
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You might try Transfer Factor for felines. It boosts the immune system, which can help them fight off the viral infection. You also want to keep a close watch on the eyes. If pupils look abnormal there may be corneal involvement, in which case treatment with anti-viral eyedrops may be necessary. Sending healing vibes to Singa and Soleil
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... and the vet couldn't really find anything wrong. They did xray for Soleil, but luckily there is nothing wrong with her lungs.
I asked for L-Lysine and she said to give it a shot for both of them, but she gave me something called Apellin instead. It's basically a B12 syrup. Is that the same or should I go for the L-Lysine instead?

Soleil also got a course of anti-biotics just to play safe. But the vet thinks it's more in the line of a virus which she says would then go away by itself sme time...
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The B12 isn't a bad idea--I'd probably do both.
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