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Pumpkin Carving!

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How long before Halloween do you carve your pumpkin?

I usually wait 2-3 days before and carve it.
I use the patterns they sell in the store because I don't have a creative bone in my body

What will you be carving in yours?
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I don't have kids so I don't usually carve a pumpkin. Unless you count the one I buy every year to make soup, pie and roasted pumpkin seeds.

I'd love to see other people's pumpkins though.
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I haven't carved pumpkins in YEARS! I told John I wanted to this year-- so, we'll see
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I try to carve one every year! Last year I did a kitty on it! I don't know what I'm going to do this year. Kitters loves the smell of the pumpkin guts! I usually do it a week in advance.
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You know, I've never carved a pumpkin!

When I was a kid my Mom used to either pick one from our garden or buy one from the store and carve it for us, but I've never actually done it myself. I now live in an apartment and have no reason to buy or carve one either. I don't really care for pumpkin or pumpkin seeds and we don't get kids coming to the door and I live high up so putting one in the window wouldn't even be seen by anyone.
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I love carving pumpkins. (Prolly more then the kids )

My 5yr old has come up with a gruesome idea.

He said to carve a face that's crying, and put an axe in the pumpkin and make it bleed with fake blood

Yes, he's a bit gross
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I need some instructions on how to carve pumpkins! Hubby just brought home three huge ones, and neither of us has any idea how to begin. I'm already looking up pumpkin recipes.
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