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Dressy Casual?

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Ok, so Rob & I have a wedding to go to tonight at 7, some friend of his who invited us out of the blue (they haven't talked in person in 2 years, and I've never even met the fiancee!). They are getting married at the SC Aquarium in Charleston, and say that the dress code is "Dressy Casual". Well I have no freakin' idea what that would be!

Any help on explaining what either one of us should wear would be greatly appreciated!
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Usually that means a blouse, skirt, ummm...think of what you would wear to church on Easter or Christmas. No jeans, but something nice without being semi-formal or formal.

So your boyfriend can wear khakis and a polo, or a pair of Dockers without looking overdressed or underdressed.

You can wear a nice skirt & blouse, dress (but not fancy...i.e. something from Express or The Limited), a suit if you wish, etc.
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Just nice dressy clothing.
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I got this from the web:

Dressy Casual: Noone really knows for sure since there is no 'official' term of dressy casual. Terms like "business casual", "sport casual", and "dressy casual" are usually listed in business dress policies, conference registrations and on social invitations. Dressy casual is sometimes called Dressed-up Casual or Smart Casual. This can mean what you wear to evening office functions that don't require a suit, cocktail dress or other formal business attire. For men a blazer and gray or tan pants are standard and you don't necessarily need a tie. For women, jumpers, palazzo pants with matching or well coordinated tops are great. A black or dark pant suit that can be dressed up or down is always a good investment for professional women, especially if you attend these sorts of events reqularly.

Basically no jeans or leggings or sneakers or t-shirts. lol
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I would think a nice pair of dress pants would work too. Just no jeans or t-shirts. Somthing that you would wear for a nice dinner.

They are getting married at the aquarium?? That is too cool! I would LOVE to see pictures.
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We don't attend church, so I'm not sure what one would wear there. Rob does have some khaki pants and a nice button down blue shirt that I pictured could fall under dressy casual. I do have a nice flow-y black skirt to wear, but then I'd have to figure out what top to go with it! Wearing all black (I have a nice black shirt that goes with the skirt) to a wedding isn't something I'd think is done. (but then again, the only wedding I was planning on going to any time soon was my own! And I already know what to wear to that! )

I do have a nice little purple strapless dress that I wore to my senior prom in 2005. It's not fluffy or anything, but I also don't know if that is too dressy. ACK!!
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A nice pair of everyday type pants or skirt and a nice blouse or pull over sweater and dress it up with a nice hair style and some jewellery and instead of sneakers wear a nice pair of pumps.

For him, a regular pair of pants (not jeans or cords but not suit pants either). Perhaps cargo pants. A pull over sweater or a nice shirt (no tie). A pair of loafters.
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