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Diego left today

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So Diego has gone. That is it, no more kittens, except the one I'm keeping. Links seems a little lonely, and has been pining for his brother. As usual, Ziggy doesn't seem bothered. Links and Diego had become proper playmates, as they had been alone together for nearly a week. How do I console Links after he has lost his siblings?
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Give him a beanie baby cat to snuggle with - they are kitten sized and it worked for my Ginger when she was 8 weeks and separated from her littermates - they were all adopted to different homes on the same day, 4 tortie girls.
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Awwww, kind of a bittersweet moment.

I think you got a good suggestion from Ginger'sMom.

He will be all right. Just needs a little time. Maybe some extra play sessions and snuggles would be nice also.
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When I had my two fosters one of them found a home right away, that night her sister cried and cried and was running all over the room looking for her. It was the saddest thing. She was the runt and needed her sister, but the next day she found a home and her lady that adopted her also got another kitten and now they are living happily together. But what I did was carry her around the house all day. She was good when she was kept busy.
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