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Trapping vibes, please

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Just wanted to request some trapping vibes for tomorrow (Sunday) morning. I've got two newbies who've shown up recently at the site where I've been doing TNR (everyone else is fixed) and am finally going to have time to trap. One's orange/white and, according the the woman who feeds, shows up every morning to eat, then disappears. There's also an orange one that comes sporadically. The feeder said they both run if she gets too close, but the orange/white one likes to "talk" to her. Doesn't sound feral. Wouldn't surprise me if one or both of these was abandoned pets. Happens a lot in this neighborhood. If either of them is a pet, I hate the idea of trapping them, but I'm determined that any cat that shows up at this site and stays around is going to be fixed and vaccinated.

If they're feral, this will be straight TNR. That would make things simple. If not, I'll try finding the owners and, if not successful, find homes or try placing them. As usual I'm going into this worrying about all the "what if's" so if you guys can send some vibes that I can trap these two and things come together, I'd really appreciated it. Thanks so much!
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best of luck, you're doing a good thing!
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I'm always sending positive vibes your way. You do remarkable work!!

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Sending lots of vibes your way!
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You do such good stuff !! Vibes for you!! The kitties will love you for this!!!
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Sending trapping your way.
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Lots of trapping vibes headed your way.

I used to worry about trapping somebody's pet. I'm relatively sure I've caught at least one. It's not unusual for cats to be angry when they're in the trap so it's hard to tell sometimes. I don't worry about it so much anymore. I figure the owner is getting a bargain since I'm the one paying for the cat's surgery/vaccs - and obviously a good portion of their food too. I'd rather not have to do all that for their cat's kittens too!
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Loads of "successful trapping" vibes comin' at ya! I'm up tomorrow morning, so I'll send them then too.

C'mon kitties.... go for the yummy food!

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Thanks so much, everybody. The traps are set and the feeder is watching them. I'll run back over in a bit to check them myself. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks!
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Good luck to you! We caught 2 of ours last Tuesday and will try for 2 more this Tuesday.
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Thanks for the vibes, everybody. They worked (sort of). Instead of either of the newbies I was going for I ended up with a small, very skinny young orange/white cat, wearing a flea collar that's too tight. He (mostly like) is very scared, but sweet. Will take him to the spay/neuter clinic to get the royal treatment, then go from there. From the looks of this little one, he seems to have been on his own for a little while, but will definitely try finding the owners. If not, looks like I'm going to fostering again and finding this kitty a home.

Will keep trying for the other two next weekend. Thanks guys!
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Even though you didn't get the two you were hoping for it sounds like this little guy or girl is in need of your help.
I'm a big orange cat fan so I'll say some extra Prayers for this little one.
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Awww...sounds like a little super-sweetie in the making wandered into your good graces - I have a soft spot for the marmalades (in memory of Romeo, an orange tabby stray who got his name because the only way he'd come in the house was through my bedroom window). We'll keep vibing your way for the othr two!
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Well it sounds like you might have caught the kitty that needed it the most. He could have ended up with an embedded collar.
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Can't wait for pics!! what is it with you and the orange boys?? I think someone's trying to tell you that you need one
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Can't wait for pics!! what is it with you and the orange boys?? I think someone's trying to tell you that you need one
I've had several cute orange boys in the past year, but this one is a girl! Just picked her up at spay/neuter clinic and got the news. She's more than 6 months, but less than a year and very, very friendly. Got her home and let her out of the trap in the spare room and, after briefly hiding under the bed, she came right out and wanted attention. The clinic scanned for a microchip, but she doesn't have one. I'll run ad in the local paper and do some more checking in the neighborhood but, since she's so skinny and the collar was just about choking her, I'm inclined to believe she was either lost or abandoned. Otherwise, looks like this sweet little one will soon be up for adoption. I'm working on a name and will post pics either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the vibes, everybody. You definitely helped me get a hold of the kitty that needed help the most. On to the next one this weekend!
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I've always thought Orangina would be a cute name for an orange girl kitty.

Sending vibes for your boys. I'm still psyching up to catch my two orange and white guys. Don't have the energy I did when I was younger!
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