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Pawing water?

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Beautys been sick the last couple of days. This morning I saw her do something she has NEVER done before.

She stuck her paw into the water dish and began to "dig" at it. So much so that she had water all over the place.

Maybe it has something to do with her hyperthyroid instead of being sick. She's been doing strange things the last year.

I dunno what do you think?
I guess its one thing if she had always done it, but the fact that she just randomly did it confused me.
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My Beastie Bear does that too now and then. He likes to create ripples in the water before he drinks from the bowl. He has dumped over the bowl a couple times if there is not enough water in it that the weight of the water out weights his strength to paw at it.

My best advice is to replace the water with fresh water as often as possible.

I think the color of the dish may have a factor in it as well. I notice he does not do it with darker dishes. The lighter the color the less he can see the water in it so he paws to make sure there is really water in it.
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I'm starting to think she was trying to get water in another manner.

she is suffering from a URI right now and its at its peek (eyes watering, phlem, snot, etc) and everytime she bends her head down she starts sneezing

I'll just have to see if I can find something to lift the water bowls.
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Cats usually paw at the water to figure out where it begins and the bowl ends. It does sound like your kitty's cold is making it harder for her to figure this out at the very least.

One of my cats paws at the water and then licks her paw. She doesn't do it all the time but she does do it now and then. Other times she dabs and then begins to drink.
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You can also consider purchasing a drinkwell water fountain. The water kind of pours out of a spout. It's basically just a little below nose height. Our kitties LOVE drinking from the moving water, and only one of them drinks from the bowl part - the rest all drink from the "waterfall" part.

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