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Can't Sleep

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Its 2:41am and I can't seem to sleep. I have had a really bad cramp in my knee for almost 12 hours now and it is really bothering me. On top of that, my boyfriend was snoring so loud when I tried to go to sleep. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow and I am going to be soooo tired.

Anyone else awake and bored? Everyone here is asleep, even the kitties. Zebra is curled up on top of the monitor fast asleep.
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Awe I am a night owl, I got back on track for sleeping (going to bed by 2 at the latest, and all of a sudden again I cant sleep..I cant be tired at 10 but if I go to bed then I wake up at 5 or 6 and well theres nothing for me to do that early in the morning But by the time I want to go to bed I can never fall asleep! I have to take my grandma shopping tomorrow so I am getting up at 9 a.m. and well my grams the type that reads everything when she goes shopping especially food shopping I myself will be up for the next hour or so, but I hope you get some sleep Being up late does suck...but my kits are all awake and running around So I will probably play with them for a little while and Blue is looking at me like mom move that computer or I am sitting on it!

But you are not alone! I am awake and ready to go so to speak
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Good to know someone else is awake too. My cats decided to wake up. One is just standing on the floor behind me, one is sitting under the table and the other is sitting just outside the door.

I have to be up and getting ready by 10am and its now 3:32. I went down to my bedroom to see if my boyfriend had stopped snoring so much and it was even louder.
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I'm awake too. I am a night owl though so its normal for me. I am in my chat room with a couple friends. Hope you can get to sleep soon.
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4 AM and the smoke detector goes off in the upstairs hall. There is a short in the wiring and we have had it sitting on a desk in one of the bedrooms for the last month while we try to find time to have an electrician come out.
DH went camping with my older son and a friend. He's very fortunate that I didn't call him to ask why he hooked it back up without telling me. And by calling, I mean at 4:05 AM.

I am now up for the day. I don't go back to sleep easily.
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I am a night owl, too. My preferred hours of operation are 2 am - 10 am but sometimes that doesn't work. Butzie loves the fact that I am a restless sleeper and if I awake in the middle of the night, she is right there waiting to be loved. If I sleep through the night, she is sure to wake me early am for some food, like she did yesterday at 6:14 am. Aren't digital clocks wonderful?
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