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Have you ever had this happen?

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I fell in love with one of our shelter kitties lately, and I was thinking about adopting him. I decided to think about it for a while before the final desicion, so I kept on thinking about how the other kitties would react, if he would get along, etc. I finally decided that I would get him, so I went to get him and he had already been adopted. He was going home that day so I stayed to see him go. I am now very happy that he got the home he got. He went with newlyweds that wanted to get there first cat, and would be spending plenty of times with him. I really think that he was meant to be with them that is why he was adopted that day. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

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This happens to me all the time. I fall in love with a hard luck cat at the shelter where I volunteer, think it over, think it over some more, and think it over even more. My cat is not particularly elated by the idea of me bringing home another cat, and this is what stops me. But just when I think I can make it work, that the poor kitty down there will never get adopted, I go in and lo and behold, it's been adopted. About 5% of me is bummed out, but 95% of me is so happy! It was meant to be for them, not for me. I keep in touch with all my favorite kitty's new families. They send me pictures and updates, so I feel even better. It's all good!
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Yes But I just tell myself they went to a good home and they were meant to be with that person. Of course it takes a lot to trick myself into agreeing with this
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Sure! Not with cats, but many things (even down to: If that shirt is on sale when I go there today I'll buy it).

I just look at it as following your fate and destiny. Rushing into a decision too quick could push your fate around a little. In otherwords, the butterfly effect, so to speak.
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Yes, I've had that happen with animals. It just happend with a dog that I fell in love with at the shelter..you know how it's like BAM! One hits your heart so hard you can't stop thinking about it? I went back and she was gone and it's a good lesson for me each time it happens as it reminds me that when I don't rush into a situation it often gives others a chance to rise to the occasion and this helps me a lot with fostering...deep down I know they will end up with owners that will love them as much as I do. *sigh* But it's always a bit of a heartbreak but in a good breaking kinda way...
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I dont look at cats to adopt, but it has happened with some of the ones I have wanted to foster, but I am glad that they have found a home, not only is it best for them, but it gives me the space to help another cat then. I would love to foster a longhaired cat, but everytime we have had one in, something has stopped me being able to foster it, I have been fostering for just over 3 years now and not managed a longhaired (or even semi-longhaired) cat yet!!
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I took home the one I wanted

I only tend to fall for the long term ones like that, I guess because you spend so much time with them. I try not to get too attached to the newer ones as they will find homes.

All the volunteers were (especially) in love with one of our long-termers and I think all of us thought about taking her home at one time or another but then one Monday we came in to find her cage empty and a big sign saying she had been adopted in reception. I know one of the younger volunteers who had been asking her mum to let her take the cat was quite upset
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