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Sick Kitten

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Have a kitten about 1 month old and is sick. He just started laying around, seams to be weak, will not eat or drink. Just started this today. Do not know what to do.
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Where is the kitten's mother? If its only 4 weeks old, it needs to eat more then a few times a day. Where did the kitten come from? 4 weeks old is not old enough to just put food down and expect it to eat.

If you can't take care of it, please take it to the vet for exam or find someone who CAN take care of a very young kitten.
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To begin with, one month is way too young to be away from his mother -- kittens are not weaned until around 8 weeks of age, and 12 weeks is the youngest a kitten should be adopted out. Where did you adopt him from? He isn't eating solid food, at four weeks of age? Of course, as with human children, ANY medical problem should be referred to a doctor (veterinarian) at once. Do not wait! Kittens, especially, can go downhill very fast. GET HIM TO A VET AT ONCE. Thank you...I pray he will be all right.
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