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Beaumont, TX show

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Just was wondering if anyone is attending the Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers Cat Show in Beaumont, Texas Nov 3 & 4?
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Texas is too far for us (MN) - but have fun if you go - are you visiting or showing?
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We will be just visiting. We don't have any pure breed kitty's to enter into shows, we have 2 pure bred lovies (DSH Now that I think about it....I am going to probably be going just to torture myself cause I will want every kitty there.
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All the associations have a class for mixed breed household pets. Maybe you can go watch and next show enter yours I'm sure you'd come home with a ribbon or two. Most of us who show purebreds have or still do show HHP's occasionally.

Ling doesn't like it. But I've had many other mixed and pedigree cats I've shown
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I would love to show ours in the HHP. Thank you for letting me know that. I am going to ask them at the show how all of that works.

But this is how my cats would be:

Abby (6 yr. old (who acts like he is 106 yr. old) neurtered male, 20 pound (not fat, just big) ) "Mr or Lady...if you wake me up from my nap and try and pick me up, your going to end up looking like a red tabby yourself!! (bleeding claw marks)

Callie (5 month old spayed female). oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! that stick thing with those fuzzy things on the end!!!! Got to get it, kill it kill it kill it!!! Oh gosh, other friends....lets play, lets play!!!! Alright! lets have fun, run, chase, jump!!! (she would be just all over the place)

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Callie sounds like the better prospect One hint - have friends/family practice holding her, stretching her out, etc. Watch how the judges handle the cats and then go do the same to your cats at home And the earlier you get them in the show ring the better!
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