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Please help/advise - cat sick/vet bill...

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Dear all, please advice - what we can / should we do - this is related to http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...20#post2015920

We took the cat to the hospital and they did what they wanted to do (is that OK?)

She is there for two days

Doctor is guessing that it's FIP ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feline_...us_peritonitis )

He says there is a chance she may make it or may not through the night.

They presented a bill to pay - more then we ever expected - $532

How do the charges look? What about the tests? (attached)

We are not rich - can we contest anything? What can I do? Please advise a fellow DSLR member...

Thank you all...

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The charges look pretty reasonable.

Did your vet talk to you about FIP? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but its morality rate is close to 100%. I have never known of a cat who survived having FIP. I knew one cat who made it for 3 months after diagnosis. It sounds to me like the Vet just wants to keep your baby going until they can confirm the diagnosis.
Heres a link with some more information:

FIP is very difficult to test for. THere is not actual test for it. What the "test" is actually is a test for the corona virus which is believed to be what triggers FIP. The test is not conclusive though. You can get false negatives. What they mainly look for is....

A cat that presents with any of the following:
High Fever
Upper respiratory infection
fluid in the body cavities

THe reason they would have run the blood work is.. A classic sign of FIP is high globulin levels and low lymphocyte levels... both of which your baby has. Thats probally why they send off the FIP test.

I pray for your little kitties sake it isn't FIP. Good luck to you.
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I have nothing to add re: the FIP, but regarding prices, how reasonable they are depends on your location. The estimate is low compared to what it would be where I work in Queens, NY. I also don't see them charging you for an IV. Is your kitty not on fluids?

Do they accept care credit? If so, I would really recommend applying. http://carecredit.com/

Good luck.
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UPDATE - they said pay $250 and you can take her home - to my gf (but balance will be due)

she did (paid) - because - conditions there were not great as you may imagine...

she died a few hours later

very very sad :'(

I imagine they will try to come after the rest of the money...

Honestly I never imagine things would end this way for her... we gave them all we could - Fancy Feast (very tasty food), good dry food, toys and lots of attention...

When I heard she was doing so bad from the vet this morning - I could not believe it and cried...

You can't blame me for worrying to some degree about finances...
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I'm so sorry. FIP is a horrible, horrible disease. It can be very costly to give even the most basic supportive care and run the needed tests, and if your kitty had FIP, it's nearly always fatal. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry for your loss. FIP is horrible.

I understand your concern about finances. You did the right thing IMO by paying what you did and I think you should ask the vet if they will accept payment for the rest of the amount.

The bill looked about right especially for staying overnight. It can get costly.

I wish you the best and may your kitty R.I.P.
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I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss.

RIP Mickey
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I am so sorry for you loss. I lost my 6 month old kitten Friday to FIP. I was so upset that the vet told me that he would settle up with my husband on monday.(Husband has to pick kittens body). I have no idea what our bill will be. I had my kitten put to sleep as he was in a great deal of pain and the vet told me that he would not make it much longer. It is so hard to deal with the shock of lossing a pet and then on top of that how your going to pay for things. I am sure that if you explain to the vet you are willing to make payments they will accept that. Just know that your cat was lucky to have you as it's owner.
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