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I'm so happy to have found this wonderful forum. This is my second posting today. I posted in the behaviour section first and am grateful for the help I recieved. I currently live in Las Vegas and in the last couple of months have decided to become a pet owner. I started out with 3 water turtles in december 'Harry, Ron, and Hermmione' and have graduated to kitties just this week! I am the new owner of 2 one year olds a male 'patches' and a femaie 'slinky'. I have completely fallen in love with them and as they get used to me and my family they seem to be coming out of their shells and showing their beautiful personalities. I promise to post piks as soon as I get my pc up and running and a scanner working. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum and I hope to have lots to post in the future. Take Care Sgg!
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Welcome scandy, you've landed in a really nice place!
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad you were able to get some help from our Behavior experts. The bond you will share with your two kitties is unlike any other pet bond you will ever have. Not better or worse, but definitely different. They are truly amazing creatures, my two amaze me every day.

I look forward to getting to know you and Patches and Slinky on the boards!
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Welcome! Nice to have you on board!
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