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Rescue Remedy questions

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I recently learned about rescue remedy for cats and am wondering if it is a good idea for my Siamese kitty. She is one year and four months old and is still pretty wild. I don't know if it is normal behavior for this age and being Siamese. But she is not cuddly at all - runs from me when I try to catch her and won't sit in my lap or snuggle at all. she is friendly and likes to hang around me - not afraid of me, very smart. But she also bites a lot.

she is basically a pretty sweet kitty but the biting and refusing to cuddle, plus lots of yowling to go outside sometimes - even when it is raining and she really doesn't want to be out there....wondering if the rescue remedy is worth a try.

I've read about putting it inthe water dish, but then how do you know how much she gets? (especially when she preferes to drink from the toilet, flower vase, puddles - anything but her Water dish! I saw that someone just dropped it on the food.

What can you all advise about this?
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Is she spayed!?
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I have heard of people using this in different applications, everything from dropping it in the water or wet food (that is what I do) to rubbing it on their ears, or dropping it on their tongue.

It is a good thing to have on hand, but it does not work on all the cats. Is your female spayed? If she isn't, getting her spayed will help. Some cats don't want to cuddle, that is a response and behavior we *want* from them, it is not a natural thing for some cats to accept. I have several Siamese mixes in my group and they all are quite talkative. I just learned to tune them out.
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Yes, sumalee is spayed. I don't mind the talking - that's one of the reasons I got a Siamese, but yesterday for example, she was just frantic to get out. I'd let her out to see it was pouring rain and she'd run back in , but then yowling to get out again. I know it is normal for cats to want to be on the other side of any closed door, but she seemed sort of anxious. It may be that she just really prefers to pee outside and then when it was so wet, she couldn't and then what? etc.

anyway, she is just so high strung - It's not a big problem, just was wondering if folks had tried rescue remedy for this sort of thing.

The biting hard is not pleasant either.
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While growing up I had a Siamese that sounds like your cat.

My cat was pretty high strung, very vocal, and not overly affectionate. But, that was her personality. She was never a lap cat and Siamese are big on talking! She had major cat attitude and would only be affectionate when she wanted it!

For the biting issue, look at this link Biting Thread

You can also find more advice if you do a search on "Biting". The grey 'search' button is at the top of your screen.

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Yes, it is probably just her personality. And of course today since I'm writing this message, she is much more calm. Probably exhausted from yesterday!

I have read the biting thread. Tried the things like - hands are not toys, say no! loudly, etc. Those work somewaht - I say Don't bite! and if she is not too worked up she will start licking instead - sort of like "oh yeah, I forgot." But the biting continues and sometimes hard. Maybe she is just a biter, but again wonder if the rescue remedy would help this.

Still looking for input on the rescue remedy question.

(just to let you know how smart this cat is, she has figured out how to open the front door! by watching me pull the lever! she has actually gotten it open a couple times. I guess she got bored with opening all the cupboards and drawers and closet doors inside the house!)
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Just put a few drops of rescue remedy in her water bowl, stir it up a bit and add a tiny bit of tuna juice to entice her to drink. Or just put it directly on her tongue if she'll let you.
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Thanks Hissy. Can I put it in her food - cuz there is no telling if she will drink from her bowl and no controling the amount it seems. Is it OK to put on her food? And do you recommend it for this sort of thing? Any possible negative reactions?
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It's a crap shoot really. I have 14 cats (ferals) RR only works on four of them. I have better luck with Nutri-Drops from Revival Animal Health for the out-of-control behavior. But I only use that when the animal is ill and needs to be contained in a room and is climbing the walls.

You can put the RR in wet food, water or their mouth. As I said, on some it works and others it doesn't affect. Let me look up an old thread that will give you more options and post the link when I find it.

here ya goFlower Remedies
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