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stuffy nose kitty

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The last couple weeks my cat has had a stuffy nose. She is sneezing and snorting a lot so if is obvious she has a stuffy nose. Sometimes i see snot come out but her nose is always wet. She has feline asthma but right now it is under control and she is not having any trouble breathing. Ever since she has been diagnosed with feline asthma it seems she has something wrong with her every other month so needless to say, she is a pricey kitty but I love her so i dont mind. I'm not sure if she has allergies or a cold or if this has anything to do with her asthma? Any advise?

Thanks Lindsey and QT
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Best advice - call her vet.
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It sounds like she likely has an URI.

I would guess that since it can be a serious problem for people with asthma to get respiratory infections that it would be serious for asthmatic kitties too, so you should really get her to the vet soon before it gets any worse.
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I agree with Yosemite- see a vet!

My Harley had a cold this past spring & I thought he'd be okay- until he started sneezing a lot & got an awful fever of 103.0

Its better to be safe than sorry- I'd go to the vet & they will probably give you some medication that will make her feel SO much better
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