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Might be getting another foster tomorrow!!

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Rang the rescue earlier to arrange to pop over tomorrow for some bits, and have been asked if I would come home with Rosie, our only oldie. She is fed up of being in a rescue environment, and wants a home environment now. I had said I would take her on when Zia has settled, but she has only been here a week, so Rosie would have to go in with Bella (Rosie has lived with other cats all her life, we dont know about Bella though, but she is fine with my two). She is up for rehoming though, and as she is only 12, there is a good chance for her to find a home. NEed to talk to my neighbours first though, as I have an overnight stay in 3 weeks time, and dont want to agree to go up to 5 without them being OK to feed them all!! Would mean I would have 4 oldies in the house, I must be bonkers for even considering it!!
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you're such a marvelous person for taking in these kitties
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Thanks!!! I dont think I will be coming home empty handed tomorrow, wish I had waited until next weekend to go over now!! HEre is her rehoming page link, so you can see what she looks like, I would describe her as a patched tabby, as she does have some red on her back (think you can see it on this pic)
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Unsurprisingly, I didnt' come home empty handed - so now have a 17yo, 2 14yo's, a 13yo and a 5 yo!! I hope she doesnt have to wait too long for a home, she is a little sweetie.
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she's so adorable- good luck with the intros
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Thanks, I think i will need it, we have had hissing and spitting tonight!!
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That's wonderful. You have such a big heart.
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Thanks - although I think I must be bonkers at times!!!
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Just wanted to say that you are really awesome for taking in so many older cats into to your foster home. You must have alot of patience to be able to manage to deal with that many who are seniors.

My husband and I got our first cat Bageerah from a pet foster home when he was nine months old. We were at a local mall looking around when I spoke to a young girl whose Mom fostered cats. At first I wasn't crazy about the idea of getting a cat but boyfriend, now husband, really wanted one. I wasn't a cat person but some how that grey furball managed to convert me. Almost 7 years later, it was the best decision that we could have made. He and Gizmo our other cat are good company when my husband works night shift.

Thank you very much for taking care of those kitties from someone who is owned by a former foster cat.
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Aww, thanks. I would much rather have a houseful of seniors than a houseful of kittens, mine are pretty much all healthy and not much bother, they are all just grateful of a home I think. Molly and Tiger are both ex-fosters, the only two I have kept!! i am glad you found a cat to convert you, and good on you for taking on a rescue cat.
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Here is the little lady

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Whoa she's gorgeous!!! I wish we had someone like you to foster for us!
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Doesn't look 13 either, does she?? Although I have to say, while she looks a decent size, you can feel her spine very easily, her ribs relatively easy, and you can see the thinness due to age round her legs. Gorgeous soft glossy coat though. I somehow dont think the person I Foster for will let me go, although I wish I could foster for you, and take the ones that have to be let go.
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It'd be quite a trip to foster for us here!
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YEah it would!!
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She's a lovely looking cat. Both Gizmo and Bageerah are rescue cats. One from a foster home and the other one was a scamp of a stray when we got him. I figure that the rescue cats deserve to be loved just as much as a purebreed cat and need a home even more.

On our bedroom door we have a sign that reads: "Cats are like potatoe chips, you can't have just one." Seven years ago that gray cat converted me the night that he meowed outside our bedroom door. The door got opened for him and he has slept on our bed ever since. Cats are very intelligent creatures who are often better company than some cranky human beings out there.
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You are SO good to these kitties! And your latest is a doll, too.
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She is, and loves to be fussed, just also likes to growl and spit at the cat she is sharing with, so should be fun when she has access to the house and meets the others!! I do like that sign, and you are right, rescue cats really do deserve a home, they are lucky here that they are here for however long it takes, teh longest foster I have had has been 14 months.
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I sometimes wish I could foster like you, but unfortunately, I rent, and also have no transportation except taxicab. I admire your work with the moggies a lot - but you know, I'd be a little afraid to foster even if I could, because it seems like it must be so difficult to give any of these lovely cats up...
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When i started fostering, I didn't have any transport, and relied on taxi's and neighbours (although my vet is only a 10 min walk away), so it could be done, althoguh I dont know on the renting, as I own my house. I actually find it really easy to let them go, partly because I know they are going to a fab new home that they deserve, and can have a good second chance at life, and partly cos it is very rare there isn't another cat waiting for a space, so by letting them go, you can help more needy cats, and sadly, there are soo many of them. I do think you have to have a certain mindset, as you need to give them the attention they deserve without getting too attached.
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*sigh* Yeah, unfortunately in my area there's an overabundance of cats...I have to pay extra for each cat (up front fee plus extra rent) and there's a limit of 2 cats (which my rental manager is letting me break - shhhh!) - my neighbour 2 doors down is fostering two - she's had them for almost 2 years now as nobody seems to have room...many people go straight to the shelter for their pets so it isn't awful...well, it is awful, but not dire. When I was trying to place two of my most-socialized kittens from my current feral mom-&-litter, I did everything I could but had no luck locally - eventually had to send them to my Mom, where they are happy - but she's in her 80's...oh well, sorry to go on, but I do admire what you do so much - you have a lot of for your little guys and are doing so much good with your work!
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Oh dear, shame it is so hard to have cats in apartments. Thanks for the praise - I really must be bonkers though, as am picking up a stray on Thurs, will start another thread for him!!
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Well, have had a good couple of days. Had someone ringing wanting kittens on Sun, explained we didn't have any, so she asked what we did have. Told her about Rosie, and she was very tempted, so agreed to come and visit her last night - they have a soft spot for tabbies. Rosie liked her, and she liked Rosie, so when she is back off her hols, she is coming to pick her up!! Can't believe that someone who initially wanted kittens is going to take on a 13yo!! Very happy for her, she is going to get really spoiled in her new home.
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