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My couch is snoring!

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I came into the lounge room and heard a funny sound, and I realised it's a fairly loud snore coming from the couch It really does seem as though the couch is snoring!

Lily's favourite spot is curled up behind the couch which is up against a wall. She's a real fraidy cat, but she knows she can sleep there and feel safe. And when she's dead to the world... she starts snoring

It's always funny when we have people over who don't realise we have 3 cats, then hear a snore coming from the couch.
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I would probably jump right off the couch if it started snoring!
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Sho used to curl up somewhere and snore, like under blankets at the end of the bed. DH and I could hear this odd noise and couldn't figure out where or what it was coming from.

Since he's lost about a pound, Sho has stopped snoring.
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i would jump off the couch and run to investigate around the couch
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But aren't kitty snores the cutest thing? Trent and Mojo both snore when they are sleeping on their backs.
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Patches and Beauty will snore...seems to only happen on the couch though. Usually I just touch them and then they'll stop.
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Zebra snores and it drives me crazy. Lately, my boyfriends snores have gotten louder, so I go to sleep on the couch and then Zebra sleeps on me and snores too.
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