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licking and scratching problems

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I have a year old snowshoe kittie we think my have some neurological problems. he wont stop licking or scratching himself he doesnt seem to have any problems with his skin, ther is no signs of fleas, dry or irritated skin. he will just lick him self till his skin is raw and inflamed. i dont know what to do. the vet couldnt even think of what it could be. we also have 4 other cats he gets along very well with. and to large dogs that dont really pay attention to him. if any one has any thought please let me know my boyfriend wants to get rid of him cause hes too much of a "problem" but i love him and his weirdness (exept the licking).
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If it were me....I'd find another vet...even if you don't know the root of the problem the symptoms can be treated...the inflamed skin and even trying to ease the anxiety or compulsivity of this problem until a root can be found.

I had a cat that was licking herself bald where her tail meets her body and it was stess from a new kitten I had brought into the home. My vet gave me some cream for the inflammation and about a weeks worth of tranqualizers and she bounced out of it....

Good Luck!!!
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Seeing as how this is a fairly common problem your vet saying he didn't know what it could be is rather strange. I second the suggestion to find another vet. There are many causes for cat skin and hair problems; narrowing them down takes a little detective work. Maybe this vet didn't want to be bothered. I don't know. But your cat shouldn't have to gone on like that. Find a vet that can treat him.

Here's a couple bookmarks I have:
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