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How is Delilah doing?
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She's doing great! She was on top of her litter box this morning, but she's still too scared to jump. I think she may be a little lonely too cause she's never been by herself she's alway had Maddox. She's on my lap right now looking at the keyboard as I'm typing this
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Delilah is a little miracle kitty.
This is just the best possible news.
Once you are sure she is OK, are you thinking of getting her furry friend?
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I know! I'm sooo proud of her! Ya...we're def gonna get her a buddy.
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Oh, I'm so sorry about Maddox. How terribly sad. But it's good to hear that Delilah is doing better. Hugs to her and you!
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She is a winner!!!!!! I am delighted to hear that Delilah is making progress, I think it's wonderful!

( I would wait until beeing sure she is ok before getting her company to avoid stressing her while she is recuperating).
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I'm curious if the vet discussed the possibility of cerebellar hypoplasia aka Wobbly Bobbly syndrome. What you're describing doesn't completely fit, but partly fits. If the mom cat has had distemper, all the kittens in the litter can have this where their balance is so bad they have trouble walking and constantly fall down. It's benign, and while it doesn't really get better, although they can learn to compensate some, it doesn't get worse either. Cats don't die from it so the sad news about one of your kittens dying doesn't fit with the syndrome.

In any case, I thought it was worth mentioning because its not all that uncommon to see in rescued cats where the mom is more likely to have had distemper, but still rare enough that not many people know about it. I've seen several cases of it at our rescue group, we even have an adorable kitten with it now. Whenever you have multiple kittens from the same litter with balance problems its worth considering.
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I think she may have mentioned it. What's the treatmen plan for that?
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I didnt see it mentioned (cerebellar hypoplasia) but maybe i missed it. There is no treatment for it, you just love your wobbly cat like you would love any other cat. Cats with it do very well and it doesnt get worse.
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To tell you the truth I was sooo upset at the vet's office that I couldn't even remember my own name. LOL. My vet put them on predinosolone and Maddox was only on it for a day before he passed away and Deliah's been on it for about 4 days and now and it looks like she's getting better..but another cat in the same litter did die of spina bifida. The vet did say that is was unusual to see a case like this with kittens at 17 weeks...she said usually they only last til about 4...and since he was on steroids the vet said we couldn't get a definitive answer to what was wrong
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If it was CH, they wouldn't have been normal and then suddenly go downhill like that. It's not a deadly disease either. One of my cats has it. Hence the name weeble. I use to work at a shelter and I noticed that she walked funny and her little head would tremble sometimes when she got excited. So I asked a supervisor what was wrong with her. She told me about her condition and I feel in love with her. Her cordination has gotten better. When she was a kitten she couldn't even scratch her own ear. Now she can run, jump and balance on the furniture without any problems. Her head still trembles when she gets excited and she will fall over when she is playing but all and all she does well.
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