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Funny story about Beauty with the bin bag

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Beauty was sniffing round the bag and somehow ripped it open and was trying to get the sandwich chicken out. It's the sort of cooked chicken you put in your sandwich (the thin variety)

She got it though because I gave her some of it because I'd been told cats can eat out of date chicken. She had 3 slices and while she was eating the last slice I hid the rest where she can't get it (or smell it) to give to her later.
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Kitties are sneaky aren't they?

While cats and dogs can handle slightly old food, they're not as sensitive to bacteria as we are, it's not a good idea to encourage them to eat it.
You never know what is going to upset your kitty's tummy or if your cat's digestive tract isn't strong enough to hold up to that. As someone who's had food poisoning before can tell you, it's miserable to go through.
Also, get a better trash can or make sure she can't get into the trash another way, it would be awful if your Beauty got into something that could make her truly sick.
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Gosh yes, it could be dangerous... is there any way to secure the trash so she can't get at such things?
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She only sniffs round the bin if there's meat in it so what we now do is when meat goes in the bin bag it goes straight out to the big bin that Beauty can't get in to.
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We feed the barn cats outdated lunch meat all the time. Of course, they also love to go through the garbage when they get a chance, so they've got iron tummys! As long as it wasn't green and slimy, a little bit shouldn't hurt her but keep an eye on her anyway. She probably LOVED the treat!

It's amazing what those little buggers can get in to. We had to get a new trashcan for the kitchen with an attached lid because I came into the kitchen one night and saw Harley's tail twitching back and forth over the edge of the trash...he was chowing down on left over pizza! I have NO idea how he got in there without knocking it over (that is their usual method), but he was having a feast. You would think I didn't feed these guys!
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Well we don't have a proper bin for the kitchen so we have a plastic bag hung up where we put the rubbish.

It was some left over sandwich chicken - you know the sliced that you put in your sandwiches and it had gone out of date.

We don't put anything sharp in the bin - sharp things go straight into the garage into a bag there. She doesn't climb when she's in the garage so it's perfectly safe. She'll only go for things if it's meat.
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