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Question on Rxs

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We've been having a URI going around the cats during the last week. Whitey first, then Beauty, now Patches.

I've taken Whitey and Beauty to the vet for a checkup. At the time of Beauty's appointment I asked the vet if there was a way for us to prevent the illness from being spread around. Since Beauty was infected and Whitey has sneezed all over the place, at this time no.

Now I'm faced with a dilemma. Each office visit costs $40 + the cost of medicine. B and I do not have jobs. Patches started sneezing last night and has been doing so on a frequent basis. I gave her some of Beauty's meds this morning.

I'm trying to save money and went to 1800Petmeds.com to order the stuff. However I didn't realize a Rx was required. Should I order it anyways and see if the vet will fill it or should I just take Patches into the vet? If one of us had a job, I wouldn't even question what to do, but seeing that our budget is getting really tight right now, $40 is a lot of money.
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I would call the vet, talk to the vet (not the reception staff) and explain the situation. They should understand both financially, and that it's a URI going around to all the cats.

My vets never prescribed antibiotics to the adult cats if the discharge was clear. If it was colored, then they prescribed the antibiotics. (Stimpy brought home a whopper of a URI when we adopted him)
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Its slightly varied per cat. Whiteys discharge was clear however he had a fever. Beauty's was not clear, plus she is an older cat.

I'll try calling the vet later today to find out.
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Definately call ...
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In addition to calling the vet, do you have some L-Lysine you can give? I think it's about $4 a bottle at Target or K-mart. I just adopted a new kitty who has the typical kitty-cold from the shelter. The vet said I could give 250 mg twice per day, so now I'm doing that for both new kitty (I think his name will be Zek) and Odo. The Lysine interferes with viral replication and so they can get rid of the remaining virus more quickly.
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I wound up taking her to the vet. She began coughing several times in a row. Since she's an older cat I was worried that whatever is going around may turn to pneumonia.

Good news is that it isn't worse. She didn't eat a lot this morning and I gave her some of BEauty's clavamox. The vet thinks that she may have started coughing because she had the meds on an empty stomach. So no fever and no discharge when she does sneeze = no Rx needed at this time.

We just have to keep an eye on her and call if it progresses.
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I'm glad to hear that. Sending vibes that they all get well soon.
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