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Question of the Day - October 19th

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What does your name mean and why did your parents choose it for you?
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My older sister picked my name... Britni Nikol. She liked it because it was popular then. My mother picked the spelling though, which I'm not really fond of. I just looked it up on a name website, Britni is English and means "from Britain", and Nikol is Greek and means "victory of the people".
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Jan is a variation of John which means "God's gracious gift". It was chosen because it can't be shortened.

So everyone has tried to lengthen it into Jane, Janet, Janice...
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Not sure why they chose it?, but " SUSAN " is hebrew for Lily
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Kathleen means "pure of heart"

it was chosen partly because if I was a boy I would have been Kenneth after my grandpa and because my Mom liked Katherine Hepburn but didn't like the name Katherine
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My Name is Sadie Kathleen. Kathleen was my dad's gran's name so they gave it to me as my middle name

Sadie = meaning 'lady' or 'princess' in Hebrew (another name for Sarah)

Kathleen = means 'pure' from the Romans
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"Jennifer" is English for "Fair Phantom" or "White Wave"

My mom named me that because it was the most popular name at the time I'm rarely the only Jennifer in a classroom or organization setting.

Also I was never allowed to spell my name as "Jenny" because of its alter definition: the female of certain animals, esp. a female donkey or a female bird: a jenny wren. Grandma's rules...she didn't want me associated with a donkey.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
You could have been named Betelgeuse - armpit of the great one...
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hmm i think it was the milk man's name
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I know Rebecca is a Hebrew name, but I forget what it means.
I was a twin, and I was to be named Holly. My twin was stillborn, and for some reason my parents named me after a crazy old aunt that none of the family liked. I have never figured that one out.
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Amanda means 'Worthy of Love' ... which is amusing to me considering how my family is... it's Latin. Don't know why they picked it... probably just sounded good. My middle name is Anne, so Amanda Anne flows well...

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Christina means follower of Christ... I know my parents didn't know that when they named me... My great grandmother's name was Clementina and my mom wanted to name me after her. For some reason they decided to just name me something close so they chose Christina or Christopher if I were to be a boy.
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Autumn means...things dying? change? beauty?
It was the name of a villian on a made-for-tv movie...and they liked the way it sounded!
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My names is a form of the Gaelic name Arlen, which means an oath, or a pledge.
And I chose it, not my parents
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Mary means bitterness or sea of bitterness in Hebrew. My parents named me that because all my siblings were demon children and they thought maybe naming me after Mary in the bible would make me behave. Not to bright. LOL
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I believe Stephanie means queen or royalty, or crowned. One of those, I'm not royalty but I guess with my somewhat feministic attitude you could consider me that
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My name means Meadow-Beauty. My Mom just liked the name she says. I've chosen my kids names (even though they are a few years off still) based on meanings.

When DH and I got married we had the meanings of our names printed on the front of our programs. Together our names mean: God has given His beloved One, a Meadow of Beauty. I thought that was neat.
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Mine means Christmas child...I was born a week before Christmas...real original eh?
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My mom named me Lisa after Lisa Marie Presley, since she loved Elvis and also loved that name. She was born 4 months before me.

I have no idea what my name means though.
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Marianne- sea of bitterness- Named after a woman my parents admired
Elizabeth-God is my oath -after my mother
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I was going to be Diane -- Dad really loved that name for some reason. Not long after I was born -- hours -- he looked through the nursery window at me and I made some face that reminded him of my Mum's brother who had died the year before. Frank was much loved and missed, so I became Frances (means "free"). Diane got moved over to the middle. Then my brother stuck his nose in and said that since he has Dad's name as his middle, I should have Mum's. They went along with that.
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Rhonda means "good spear" in Celtic and "powerful river" in Greek
my Middle name Leah means "glad tidings; mistress, ruler" in Hebrew an my second middle name Janice means "God is Gracious" in Hebew

So I guess I am a female ruler that brings good tidings while crossing the powerful river with my good spear to declare that god is gracious.
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Esther - means star
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It means something 'angel' I'm sure... my parents chose my name, and my brother's name, because they wanted, simple, traditional names that EVERYONE can spell and pronounce, because our last name is usually wrong and they had first names that were always incorrect as well. (My Dad has a boy's name spelled like a girl's name, and my Mom has a traditional female name, spelled as it sounds.)
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My first name is Kelli, a variation of Kelly, which is Celtic for 'Warrior'. My last name is a very long and usually mis-pronounced Irish name. My middle name is Jo, probably because it went well with Kelli, and was short enough that it didn't complicate my unpronounceable last name! My father named me after his favorite cartoonist and political satire writer Walt Kelly (the writer of the Pogo cartoon of the '50's.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Kelly Kind of a cute coincidence...my cousin (with the same unpronounceable last name) is named Walt. He's a year or two older than I, so my dad wouldn't have been able to name me Walt if I had been a boy!
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I was named after my grandmother. My name means Laurel Crowned.
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My name Helen means "light" and I was named after my Dad's Mom
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My name is Gene Paul and I was named after the two lead singers of KISS, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. My parents were immigrants from Asia and they were flipping through a magazine (TIME I believe) and there was an article on KISS. They knew that they wanted their children to have Western names and they liked the sound of Gene Paul, and so here I am. Crazy, no?
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My name is Farrah. My father gave it to me (I wonder why ).

It means--
(noun) Sufferer of repeating " 'F' as in Frank" due to misunderstood name; Burden bearer of lame jokes, are you "Farrah Fawcett?" are you a "Charlie's Angel"

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