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The 'we're getting outta here' thread

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Well i can see now that a few people are in the middle of moving, or moving soon, and i thought it would be good to make this thread with the likes of the 'gonna be wed' thread etc.

Have you got any horror stories, ideas, worries, packing tips, how to calm the furry kids etc. Anything to do with moving house that you can share here
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Clear out junk first!! throw all unneccessary things away, depending on your waldrobe size, pack away clothes you will not be needing in the next few months, kitties will have a ball with the boxes so its more like.. "pack one item, take kitti out, put another item in, take kitty out, ect!

If using a moving company, get quotes now!

My head hurts, between planning the wedding and moving, its wayyy too much work for me
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Make boyfriend drive with cat for 11 hours straight through.

definitely research the moving companies before requesting quotes. I found out that many of the movers I Had contacted that were less were either moving brokers (and hired a cheaper, non repudible moving company in their place. I read WAAAAYY too many horror stories and can send links on the good, bad and the ugly of moving companies if anyone is interested (PM me).

The best part about moving was finding all the garbage pickers of our neighborhood at the last place We didn't have time to donate or sell too much so EVERYTHING was put to the curb. Within 5 minutes I had neighbors sifting through my stuff WHILE I was still placing the items out there.

EDIT to ADD: Also larger furniture (couches, beds, etc) will cost you the most with movers. If the furniture is old and tatered, simply sell it for extra cash before your move and then buy new. Often times that will lighten the load and save you money
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The morning of the move, take everything out of one room, put carriers, litter boxes, water, and a little dry food. Put the kitties in there and don't open the door again until kitties are ready to go into the carriers. If you are lucky, some of them will already be in the carriers sleeping.
When you get to the other end, do the same, one room until it is time to let them out.
Those little bottles for rodent cages, that they lick on get drops of water work well for carriers, they can still wet their mouths without filling up on water and having to use the litter box. It is very hard to get a cat back into a carrier inside a car.
I have moved numerous times with my cats, and this method works well.
If you have to stay in a hotel, make sure you have everything you need, food, drinks, snacks, suitcases, before you let the cats out of the carriers. It is no fun crawling around under a semi truck with a flashlight trying to coax a frightened cat to come to you.
Best of luck on your move. I hope this helps, and if you have any specific questions that I might be able to answer, please pm me.
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We've moved a bunch of times with cats. A couple cross country moves. This time it will be another 4 hour move to another state.

This time DH's new employer is paying for movers. I'm so incredibly happy about that. So we're packing a few things, but leaving most to the movers. If they damage anything they pack, they have to replace it.

My DH still has to find us an apartment in the new city (which he expects to do quickly). We are moving back to a more pet friendly area.

Feliway diffusers. I have one going 24/7. I am also adding Rescue Remedy to the water. We have boxes out now so the cats are more anxious. They know what we're up to now. I've been drinking more chamomile tea myself.

As mentioned by other posters---clean out on your junk. Goodwill/Salvation Army/Humane Society love me when I move.
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I don't need any tips we only moved 15 months ago last time. More tips to eachother lol. Horror stories especially welcome lol.

I think last time we had Chuckie in the carrier while the removalists put all the boxes in. But he gets a bit distressed in there, i think because he thinks hes going to the vet. I was thinking of putting him in the bathroom and putting a sign on the door, so that the movers know he is in there and that nothing needs to be put in there, just the other rooms. And the toilet is seperate so that will be ok for anyone who needs it. I think i will put some litter and food in there for him before we start shifting stuff. It's all new to him, i just keep worrying he'll escape!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Horror stories especially welcome lol.
I think they've already begun for this move. We're having movers do the moving and some packing. But what is getting packed by us has been the subject of heated discussion.
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We have SO many books for the library right now (donations). We have gotten a lot done today. Much packing going on. We will be lugging the hideous cheap shelf we bought when we moved here to the dumster tonight. It's so poorly made the back started coming off 6 months after purchase. Won't be sorry to leave it behind.

It is a relief to know anything we don't pack the movers will take care of.

So how is everyone else's moving going so far?
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We're moving in 12 days!
We don't have much to move, we're currently living with my boyfriends mom- we have been for 2 months now. We moved here August 18th after we lost everything we own in the MN Floods. So we just have clothes & the kitties to move
We had just moved into a rental townhouse a month before the flood occurred.

I'm so anxious to move & get into our own place again!

12 days! 12 days!
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Well, while i was packing my second box the other day, i stopped and thought... Why? We dont even have a fixed date yet to move and im already stressing and rushing as if we are moving in 2 weeks!

So i stopped

P.s My keyboard has now been fixed whohooo!
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