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Another newbie, and 3

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Hi! I'm from Michigan, and have 3 babies that I'd like to share with everyone once I learn my way around the forum. There's Sassy, she's an angora/mix, she's been with me the longest, she's my "Miss Priss", then there's Oreo, she's a persian/mix, she's only been with me a few weeks. Her old people didn't want her anymore, cuz they got a new kitten, She's my "Lover", always wanting to be cuddled. Then there's Merlin, he's a persian/mix. I go after him tomorrow. I'm adopting Merlin from an animal control center that I found on petfinder. He's just gorgeous, and he looks as though he may be my "Attitude", But I love all my babies,along with Merlin, even though I haven't met him yet. All babies are or will be spayed and nutered, and inside at all times, unless accompanied out with me. Like I said I love them all, but have much to learn,that's why I joined the forum. I want to expand my knowledge, so I can make sure my babies get the best care I can give them. Thanx for being here!
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Originally posted by justme
Like I said I love them all, but have much to learn,that's why I joined the forum. I want to expand my knowledge, so I can make sure my babies get the best care I can give them. Thanx for being here!
Welcome justme! Sounds like you have your hands full of feline happiness!

If you start reading the forums and the older posts you will gain a huge amount of facts and advice! Also share some pics and more about yourself over at the lounge when you get time!

Hope you enjoy this little corner of the feline internet!

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Thank You for the welcome, and the advice. I haven't read alot of the post yet, but plan to. So far you look like you have a great site here. And as soon as I figure things out better, I'll get those pics of the babies out there..
Thanx again, Shirley, Sassy, Oreo, & Merlin
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Welcome.... so glad you found us!

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Welcome to the site Shirley! I'm glad you found us here. Kassandra's right, just browsing through past posts will make you an expert in no time. LOL
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Thanx for the welcome, the more I read... the more glad I am,that I found you.. Cooper's very pretty
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Originally posted by justme
Cooper's very pretty
Thank you.... (I think so too!!)

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Thanx Nenners< the site is really great! What, no pics of your babies? I will brag when I figure the site There are soooo many gorgeous kitties out here, I'm proud to be, and bring my crew amonst everyone!!
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Hi, Shirley! Well, Oreo certainly earned his name, didn't he? We're so happy to have you join us. We'll look forward to seeing your other kittens, and hearing about their antics!
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Hi Jeanie, Oreo's a girl, but my fault for not saying so. On the little box on the left where your name is, are those pics of your cats? If so, yours is gorgeous. Everyone here has been really great, and I'll get Sassy on as soon as I resize her pic, Merlin will have to wait til we go get him... Thanx, Shirley
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Whoops! What a faux pas! Please give my apologies to Oreo, and tell her she is beautiful. I got my picture from the avatars Anne makes available to us. Lots of members add their cats' pictures to their signatures, though, like Lhezzza and Russian Blue.
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This is Ninners (If you wondering my names Janine hence I'm Nenners)
Ninners and Nenners get it? She actually is my bosses, but I consider her mine. I was there when she was born and I have raised her. I have 3 other cats at home. Josephine, Auxana, and Sarah. Sarah is actually Ninners older sister. Their mother was a stray in my neighborhood. I took in Sarah, but her mother was missing. She showed up pregnate about a week later, so I took her in also. She had 5 kittens. I adopted everyone out except Sarah because she is a feral. She won't go to anyone but me and my SO.

Yes she believes this is where she belongs!
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Thanx, just wonderin... they're really nice. Oreo says, no prob! and thanks for the compliment...
Well, time to go learn more, there's soooo much out there on this site, I just love it.
Thanx again, and hope to talk to you again soon. Shirley
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Thanx Janice... She's beautiful. I posted one of Oreo, I took her from some people that was getting rid of her cuz they got a new kitten. And we'll go get Merlin from the shelter in the morning. I'm hopeing he's not all freaked out, and when we get him home, I'll get a pic of him on here, but I may have to wait a few days, don't know his position yet. But you got a beauty there!
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Oreo is quite a beautiful kitty! I'm a bit partial to black and white cats, though. My Ophelia is a short haired, very petite black and white.

Can't wait for the pics of the other kits, and to hear how everything goes with Merlin.
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thanx Heidi, I will let you know when we get back tomorrow. The only way I could save his pic was to add it to my animation box, so I can't even show yall yet. But it's a dark pic anyway, so... soon, real, Shirley
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Sorry I am late with the Hello! I tend to run around like a chook with it's head cut off!!!

I am in Australia and have 3 cats and a tary stray that only comes back when she is pregnant! (She is dure soon) So Hello from my fur family to yours! I hope you like it here!

P.S There are a few nutters around that are a bit silly, especially us Aussie girls and the ones that own Russian Blues!!! OI OI OI OI :tounge2:
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As you can see I screwed up this pic, trying to resize it...
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Your furbabies are beautiful!!! If you need help with your pics let me know as far as lightening them or resizing them! But you are doing great to work out how to do it already!
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Thanks Leslie, I'll and thanks for the offer of lightening, and resizing. If ever you think one needs to be lightened, give a holler, but thanx Tomorrow, I'll get Merlin in here somewhere.
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