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good god why declaw all 4 paws?

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I met someone that had a cat with ALL FOUR PAWS declawed today! I dont understand why on earth someone would take out the back claws they dont even do anything with it? GOd it just made me so sick to hear about it! The vets actually declaw the cats back feet are just as sick and are not in their profession for the love of animals and just in it for the money

NO one who cares about animals would do such a horrific thing! Its so sick i felt like screaming at the owner! Instead of getting a cat what they need to get is a stuffed animal

how could someone mutilate an animal like that and live with themselves? This really isnt fair that vets are doing this! It should be considered serious animal cruelty
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I have a 4 paw declaw.
She came to me that way.
I do understand the vet's reasoning in her case, though I still don't agree with it, poor thing can't properly scratch herself.

But her 4 paw was done when they thought she was going to be blind.
She was a tiny kitten and very fragile kitten, and they worried that she'd hurt herself climbing things.
She isn't blind, she is no longer fragile.

As I said, I understand why they did it, I just don't agree with it.
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yea, the guy at the office has 2 cats that have been done that way.
then cause he was unable to get a breeder to sale him begal kitten(thank god),
he got rid of them to get the kids a dog.

i really wish it was legal to smack him,
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
i really wish it was legal to smack him,
I wish it was legal to smack a lot of people

Stupidity should be a painful condition as well.
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I've met one cat who had all four paws done. Tragic reason why, too. The woman had to get her cat declawed because her then abusive husband said he would kill the cat if she didn't.
Truly one of the bravest cats ever. She attack the guy because he was yelling at and beating the woman.

She did divorce the guy shortly after, was able to get custody of her two kids, and a restraining order.
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