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Litter Box Relocation

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I'm not sure if this is the place for this thread; moderators, please relocate if appropriate.

When Father moved to Charleston, he bought an old house and turned it into a duplex. He lived downstairs, I lived upstairs. Zane the Insane, the Cat of Tiny Brain went back and forth between us.

Father died back in March. When I get his things dispersed, I'll be renting out what was his apartment. This means that Zane will be restricted to the upstairs; there's no way I could trust the tenants not to let him out by accident, or to try too hard to catch him if they did.

The problem is that Zane's box is in the basement. While he had the run of the whole building, that was OK, but I need to get him used to being an upstairs cat, and I can't think where to put his box up here.

1. Living room. The only place it would fit would be under the grand piano. Not a good idea. If he were inside, under the hood, and I didn't notice and started to play, he might develop an aversion.

2. Bathroom. The room is very long and narrow. I can't think where it would be that it wouldn't be in the way.

3. Bedroom. Again, due to the shape of the room and distribution of the furniture, there is no conveninet place for it.

4. Library/TV Room. Possible; I can see a place for it. But that's where his feeding station is, and even though they would be at opposet ends of the room, everything I have read says that the box and the food should not be in the same room.

5. Dining room. There is a place for it there, out of the way, but the idea of having that in the dining room (even though I seldom eat there) is aesthetically unappealing.

6. Kitchen. Out of the question.


4. Dining
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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I had mine in the bedroom when he first came home, then moved it to the dining room because honestly, I never used the room... recently I made my dining room a game room and had no room for it so I put it in the computer room... at one point I was feeding him in here too, because I was putting the bowl in the carrier to get him accustomed to going into the carrier

I say if you don't eat in the dining room often, put it there... or move his food and put it in the tv room if you don't want both in the same room. My guy eats in the kitchen.

Good luck getting him used to the new situation
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As long as the litter pan/food dishes are not next to each other and you have plenty of room, they can be kept in the same room. Our litter box is in the basement. The cats eat on the one counter near the wall - about 10-15 feet from each other.

You can invest in a fancy litter box. Its disguised like a piece of furniture and the cat goes in one side and you can't even tell there's a litter box.

Here's some links for you:
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
You can invest in a fancy litter box. Its disguised like a piece of furniture and the cat goes in one side and you can't even tell there's a litter box.
Thanks. I'd been considering one of those.

Does anyone have one of those self-cleaning ones? How well do they work?
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Triple love my Litter Robot. There's an active thread on the subject in this category right now.
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Now that Oliver and I are back living with my parents, one of his litter boxes and his food are in my bedroom (he's restricted to my room at night because my mom is kind of allergic and we don't want to risk him climbing in bed with her)... they are at opposite ends of the room and there have never been any problems... he does have another box in the basement too... and as long as you show him wherever you decide the box is gonna go, he shouldn't have a problem finding/using it... and yeah, you could definitely buy/make a "disguise" for the box too! I know somewhere there's a box that's made to look like a giant potted plant - I know they're a little expensive, but no one would ever know it was a litter box haha.... also, do you have any extra closet space available? You could always put the box in a closet and leave the door ajar...
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Its a 50/50 chance your cat will use the automatic cleaning ones. Some cats are afraid of them!
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
also, do you have any extra closet space available? You could always put the box in a closet and leave the door ajar...
Unfortunately, not.
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My cat's litter box (a covered Booda Dome) is in the dining room. We never use the dining room and it's in the corner of the room right by a big bookshelf. It's really the best spot for it because you don't notice it there and it's tucked away. We live in a 2BR/2BA apartment, there's really no room for the box anywhere else though (except under the built-in desk in the hallway).

There is a litter box that looks like a plant stand, I forget where I saw that though. I *love* the bench ones that someone posted above.
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Sorry, already answered.
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I understand the "ick" factor in having the box in the dining room, but it has some compelling points.

You don't use it often, so you won't disturb the cat in the midst of business.

You won't be seeing it in the course of the day.

For me, the key to litter box invisibility is not the sight... it's the smell. A clean box is not going to be intrusive.

I have a Litter Robot... in my kitchen. Same kind of dilemma, the only place with enough room and an outlet, and a tile floor is the kitchen. My husband was very skeptical, but he loves me, so we gave it a whack. It's great. There isn't any smell, the mat in front catches the scatter for my cats, and it isn't any worse than a lidded kitchen garbage can, which is also in there.

I love my Litter Robot. I had never used a hood on my litter boxes, yet Puffy, whose nickname is Dim! of the Yard! took to it in about 20 minutes, and loved it.

James Bond, on the other hand, is much smarter and took a year. Go figure. But unlike his namesake, Caution is his middle name.

However, now all three, including the new kitten, use it faithfully, and I'm Spartacus! (Freed from litter slavery.)
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