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Biting the tail before going to bed

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Ok, My kitten (grace) has been bitting her tail before she goes to bed. She only does this on a certin blanket that I have seen. (I think she does it everytime, but I don't see her doing it.) She bits the tip of her tail and purs while patty caking. The blanket feels like fur also. A little background on grace. I found her in the freezing rain where her mother abandened her. I think she was abandened because she was the hyperactive one, if she wasn't then God only knows which one was the hyperactive one... I had to nurse her for a while with a bottle until she was able to eat her food. When I found her, her eyes looked like they were only open for a week (maxed). Please tells me if it's normal or a personality qurik or a real problem. She is the most hyperactive cat I have ever seen in my life. I mean, She is funner than watching tv. All I have to do is sit down, and she will do backflips off of stuff for no good reason, and the bitting of the tail on other sites has said all bad things. That is why I am asking you all. Thanks for your help.
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It's very normal, especially for a cat that didn't get a lot of time with mom. It's a nursing behavior.

Good on you for rescuing her, and putting up with her antics!
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Thanks, I thought it was something bad. The tip of her tail is broken though. It's like a little rock where it healed back wrong. This makes me happy, and she can sense it because she just ripped off my specker cover again. no matter how much I tell her no, she still does it. Why only the speacker cover?

Thanks for tell me right. She is a very smart kitten. She has already figured our when it's ok to play with my hands and when it's not, and She has already figured out that my hand is connected to my arm. She still has a problem with feet and kneecaps, but she will learn not to bit them soon. I first tell her No really sternly, and if she doesn't stop from there, I spray her with the water bottle. If she doesn't stop then (She's a stubern kitten sometimes), I will start to sit down, and sometimes, she doesn't move! (Really stubern.) My sister told me to put her in the bathroom and close the door when she is being stubern like that. I know this much, if I do that, She will be trying to pull down the shower curtins, or maybe she might figure out the water nobs.

I mean she is smart... It's amazing, she already knows how to talk. She tries to say, "Hey" (doesn't sound like human hey, but it's close), "No", "Paul" (This one is odd because I don't say my name normally, I think I told it to her once or twice), "Food" (She says this just because. I don't think she knows what it really means yet), and a few other sounds that sounds just like words I say sometimes. Then she tries to comunitcat through her eyes. I'm a body legoust (I read body lanaguge, but can't spell for some reason...), and it's funny to watch her. She will twich her eyes for petting but then twitch them for something else all together.

Well, That's enough of my rambling. I just really wanted to say thanks for putting me on the right track.
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