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First Time Cat Owner

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Hi everyone. I am a first time cat owner. I got my five week old kitten yesterday and we are in love! He is black and his name is Fred (dont ask). I had no idea how wild these little guys are. Fred decided that at three oclock in the morning it was time to play and I woke up to him biting my toes. I figured after playing in the middle of the night he would sleep in. WRONG! I wake up at five to him in my face meowing and batting at me. He's so cute when he has those spazz spells where he runs as fast as he can through my apartment and attacks NOTHING! He swats at the air! What a goober. Just wanted to brag about my new baby and am dying to learn more about cats.
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Fred's Mom: Welcome to the Site of fellow cat-loving fools. We are so HAPPY YOU ARE HERE!

I was about ready to get off the site, when I saw your post, and knew I had to come on and let you know that you are in for years of unpredictable fun and enjoyment now that you are a cat owner! Come post with us often and we will try to answer any questions you have about Fred.(or steer you where to go for answers) Take pictures of the new guy and yourself or your two-legged kids (or all of you) and post them too!
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Your little boy Fred sounds adorable.
I love it when they are in the kitten
stage. They are so little and cute
it almost hurts

I hope you enjoy it here and I am
looking forward to hearing a lot more
stories about Fred!
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Hi And Welcome!!!

Congrats on getting a kitty. You are going to have fun here.
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Congratulations on your new kitty. They really are so much fun. Sometimes they can be too much, but 2 seconds later you are looking at those beautiful eyes and it's all over. Please stick around and share the antics while Fred is growing up.
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Fredsmom, You are in for the treat of a life time! There is nothing better then having a kitty. Just watching them is a joy :flash: I got my second kitty almost 2 months ago. She is 6 months old. What a pleasure to come home to your babies.

Your going to love it here Welcome again
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Welcome. You are in for the thrill of your life with a kitten. I remember the first day I got my baby (she's still with me) and that was 11 years ago. My ex and I had a hugh fight over her but she's mine and always will be. There have been other additions to our four legged family but she was the first and always will be Queen. Again, welcome. Can't wait to hear all of the stories that you and Fred learn together.

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The first thing you are going to have to learn is that Fred owns you.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm glad you and Fred are here. Kittens are absolutely adorable, aren't they? Fred will, over time, indoctrinate you into the secret society of feline philosophy. Have fun!


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