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Pictures from part of a fallen tree

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A little while ago we had a major storm come through the area. The storm blew down 1/4 - 1/2 of a tree that sits about 10 feet from the house. Luckily for us the tree blew away from the house. Unfortunately for us though is that the tree fell over the cable line and power line coming into the house from the pole. It ripped off the cable line completely but the power line is still intact, so we still have power. For the internet I am borrowing a neighbors connection. Also the tree ripped part of the meter off of the house. Currently I am waiting for a call back from the Power Dept about what needs to be done about the tree and meter. Attached are some pics that I just took. So very hard to take pics at night outside. And we are all fine. wife is a little jumpy. I am wanting to try and take pics of the lighting, but she will not let me.

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Ooh...that storm gotcha good! I'm glad everyone is safe!
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Yikes!!!! Hope everyone is safe!
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I forgot to add. after reading through the Inappropriate Smilies thread. the inappropriate smilies are welcome here if you so choose to use them.
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Oh my goodness! Thank goodness it didn't go through your roof though! I went over to my grandparents house after a bad storm because they called and said they needed as much help as they could get. We showed up and there was a big tree laying right in the middle of their dinning room!
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Wow you were lucky that no one was hurt!

This summer after a particularly bad thunderstorm our tree out back started dropping branches randomly (I guess it was more damaged than we thought). One night at 2AM we heard a sickening crack and saw a huge branch laying on the power lines (actually they turned out to be the cable TV lines, but still)...

Good luck. The cable company and power folks paid for a good part of the cleanup, but we still had to shell out the dough ($800) that's a lot of cat toys
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