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My blinds will never be the same

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LOL the cats getting fresh morning airMy poor blinds will never be the same. Whats bad though is that Tigger does this all through out the night and day even if the window is closed I think its funny/cute my husband thinks its awful!
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Tiger does it too! I'll have to take a pic of my mutilated blinds and show you
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Nope they sure won't! Looks like they're pretty much demolished. Good thing you have a sense of humor about it. LOL
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That's how my blinds look. I don't even bother with curtains either. Why buy new blinds? They tear them up again anyway. They are just so curious.
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Oh my goodness! Your poor blinds. We are in a rental so I am glad they are gental on our blinds. Enzo is really the only cat that bothers the blinds and he will actually pull them out with his paw, just like a human, and then get in the window from the side. Don't ask me how or why he does this, I just tell people I trained him to do that
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"I think its funny/cute my husband thinks its awful!"

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That looks a bit uncomfortable.
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my blinds are never closed for just that reason
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poor blinds!
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You mean like this?

When he first started doing it


(The Doritos were thrown away after this )
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lol good thing i dont have those type of blinds
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I have the same problem with blinds. Also with curtains........would you believe this was once a straight curtain rod?
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Dixie Darlin, that is exactly how most of my blinds look. It drives DH crazy and he's replaced them multiple times, but they're always trashed again within a few months. Most recently Dh hung vertical blinds in our bedroom - those haven't been trashed so far!
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Oh no! We had the same issue with our furbabies tearing up our blinds. We recently replaced all of them with the faux wood blinds and some of the dust free ones on 3 of the doors. They're GREAT! The dust free ones are incased in glass so they CAN'T tear them up at all and the faux wood ones are sooo durable- they don't bend or buckle at all! The kitties haven't messed them up yet!
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