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I have an announcement to make!

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I am adopting another kitty!

And not just any cat, but a spotted Bengal boy!

And not just ANY spotted Bengal boy, I'm adopting a little sweetheart goes by the name of Max. Penny's NEPHEW! (Jack is his sire, and Gypsy his dam, and Penny is Gypsy's sister!)

For those not in the know, his history (with piccies) can be found here:

The incident at 9 weeks old: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&highlight=max

The first update: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=phoenix

And the last bit of info that was posted on him: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...hlight=phoenix

I'm sending a check and the signed contract off to Nial next week, and as soon as is possible, Nial will be shipping him to me. Max is 8 months old now, and his neutering appointment is this coming Tuesday. Please send him good vibes for his appointment!

Max was originally given to Nial's SIL to keep, but due to circumstances changing, she is rehoming two of her cats, and Nial knew I wanted a spotted boy, and thought that I just might love this boy even more knowing what he's been through - he really IS a miracle.

And I am immensely flattered that Nial and Teri think that much of me that they thought of me first. That means so much to me - considering I owned birds for over 30 years!

I will be posting current photos of Max in Fur Pics.

I told the furkids already, and showed them Max's picture. Here are their reactions:

Penny doesn't seem to care much, Ferris is already concerned that this will mean less treats and attention for him (he really is gong to be MAD at me!!!)

Ginger crouched immediately, and then very slowly and cautiously approached his picture, sniffing the edges of the paper. I could see her thinking: "GREAT, another pain in my butt on the way. " LOL!


Note: Recently, I was faced with the opportunity to take in a cat from someone because they were moving and I just happened to run into the woman looking to rehome her cats at just the wrong time for me. I had already been planning on adopting another of Nial's bengals, but didn't want to say anything until an adoption was certain. That factored into my deciding NOT to take in this woman's cat.

At that time, I didn't know Max needed a home - I had expected to be adopting a younger boy. Now I am really, really glad that things worked out the way they did, because I am already head over heels with this special boy - you'll see why when you see his pictures.

I can't wait to bring him HOME!!!!
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Oh Betsy that's fantastic news!!!

What a miracle boy he was as well, awwwww i'm so pleased for you

I'm itching to see him now after knowing what he went through
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I swear to GOD, 4 is my MAXIMUM!!!

Actually, though. my landlord asked me not to go over 4, LOL, he's a good guy and has two.

It is official: I AM a crazy cat lady.

And Max is the reason I need cheaper clumping litter - I have to cut some costs now!
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I cannot access the links, but congrats on getting another Bengal

I said four was my limit as well....
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I'm so happy for you honey. Really I am. This is amazing.
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Congrats on your new boy!!!

The links to the pictures must be in the member only forum so they aren't visible to everyone.
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OMG you have REALLY been keeping that secret I bet you feel so much better getting that off your chest

Congratulations to you. I cant wait to to watch him grow and hear all about him. I often think about him and what a true miracle he is. I was just talking about him about a week ago. and now Im going to get to see him all of the time
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That all makes sense now! I was wondering why you had a thread that you felt you were a hoarder, then didn't want to take in your friends cats

Congratulations on your new baby boy!
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That is such great news, I can't wait!!
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That's awesome Betsy! I know how much you have enjoyed having Penny in your life and Nial and Teri are just wonderful people. I've come to appreciate all Nial's advice so far. I can't access the links so I'll have to take everyone's word on him being a sweetheart!
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Congratulations on your new addition, Betsy! I'm so happy for you! He's a lucky little boy.
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Congrats betsy!
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Congratulations Betsy!!
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Congratulations on adopting Miracle Max. He is such a special guy.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Congratulations on adopting Miracle Max. He is such a special guy.
Enjoy your new "child"!
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I'm really sorry about the links issue - I forgot that they were posted in the members section...I'll put together a synopsis, I guess and then post that - I received Nial's permission to talk about Max before posting anything.

I'll see what I can put together and post it tomorrow.

This was NOT easy to keep close to my chest at all!!! And I was really torn about that cat in need because I KNEW I'd be bringing in another of Nial's - he told me once that Bengal's are like Lay's potato chips...you can't have just one.

But seriously, unless your bengal is strictly a one cat only kind of cat, bengals really need that companionship. As Ginger and Ferris age, they will become slower and sleep more and more often, while Penny will stay vital and ridiculously energetic for years and years. So I knew that I would need to give her a long-term playmate.

Let's see...I got Ginger for ME, Ferris for GINGER, but she didn't want him, so I got Penny for Ferris, and now I'll be getting Max for Penny.

Yup. I'm certifiable.
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Certifiable is a good thing when it come to cats.

Congratulations on your new family member.
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Congrates Betsy .... two boy s and two girls ... NICE>>>
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Congrats Betsy

You know, I remember 3 being our maximum, and four and now five
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Congratulations Betsy! Max is very close to many of our hearts!
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That's wonderful!

I'm so glad little Max is doing well and that he is going home with you

I'm sure your kitties will get used to him, same as they did with Penny. Can't wait to see new pictures of him
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Congratulations!!!!!! He sounds wonderful!
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Congrats on your new furbaby!!! That definitely deserves a celebration!!!! I bet you're soooo excited????
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I saw him in the fur picts and he is gorgeous !! You'll be seeing nothing but a blur of Bengal soon as they chase each other around the house

You'll have to give Ferris extra treats and scritches
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Betsy, I am so happy for you and I can't wait to hear all the stories
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Congrats. I can't access the Premier Lounge so none of the links work for me

Can you pm me with a brief history of Max's story?
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Congratulations!! He's a gorgeous boy and a miracle cat indeed
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