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Join the Halloween Costume Parade!

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Some of us like to dress our critters up for Halloween -- but even if you don't dare attempt it in reality, you can dress them up graphically. Show us what you and your pets will be wearing for Halloween this year!

Here's our little redheaded Scotskitty, St. John Dundee, in full tartan regalia... yes, it's a cat in a kilt!

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Here's Mooch! She'll be a ladybug! I think she'd have liked the outfit better if her ears could go through it. I need a bumble-bee costume for Noodles now.

(Actually these are from last year, I just still had them on photobucket.)
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Heres mine so far, but they will be changing soon.......

Laura is pirate, Ducky a clown, Easy a bunny, Tino the Godfather and Kiko is a girl LOL

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Here are my guys. Kahlua isnt so fond of the costume... Joey doesnt mind He seemed kinda happy!

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Acch, he's veraa handsome! But Angus, where's yer troosers???
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Ha! No troosers under a kilt, ye silly lass!
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I wouldnt dare dress my florrie up,she'd kill me! But i dressed her up on paint shop pro....
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I may have to try the virtual costume, neither Stan nor Bella is all that crazy about dress up games...Bella in my siggy is getting ready to be a student at Hogwarts!!

I'll have to think up something for Stan...
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Mine are virtual, too - from siggies (done by Karen/Abby'sMom)

My Trek kitties -

And my Phantom of the Opera kitties -
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These are all great! Keep 'em coming!
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SuperSmudge would like to join in!

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Here are a few of Kitters!

This is her Mrs. Claws Look

This is her Princess Look!

Here she is as Catty Couric!

And here is a very unhappy Kitters as a Girly Girl of the 80's that why the jean dress!
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