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Slowly but surely going crazy

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Ok here is the deal my car has been broke down for almost 3 weeks. The first week was ok. The second week was bad just bad. The kids had the week off from school and we could not go anywhere. This is the third week and crazy I am going. Normally when I have a stressful week I will take a drive during the day when no one is here all by myself. Its a great destresser for me even if I can not buy anything. But I have not been able to do that since the car is down and hubby now works during the day.

And about a week ago, well a week and a half ago, I found out my husband was finally going to have a Saturday off. I was like yes yes yes because this never happens. So I called my mom to see if she would watch the boys so me and hubby can have a day alone to do whatever. Yeah got a big fat no on that about 3 days after asking. That hurt. Now before anyone jumps me for that I hardly ever ask my mom to watch the boys. Maybe once or twice a year. Or if my middle son needs surgery out of town. Thats it. And it hurt when she said no. Because if it had been my little sister asking for a sitter my mom would have said yes no questions asked. So I have come to the point where I see we will never have a date night until the boys are much older or until we move back to Jacksonville. Why then because my ex-stepmom is the only person who likes watching my boys and I don't trust strangers.

Next I lost my ex-step mom's number. We plan to just go down there Saturday and if I see her ask if she will watch the boys for a bit. If she does not have plans she will watch them even on short notice. Now I found my ex-step sister on myspace so I figure if she will add me as a friend on myspace because then I can get a hold of my ex-step mom. But oh no even tho she is online she won't add me.

Last but not least the car. We now know whats wrong with it but its gonna cost 45 to tow it to the shop and 35 to fix the problem. Here is what happen. About a year ago I disabled the anti theft thing on my car. We had no issues with it then until now. Well my battery went dead and no one told about this fail safe mode. Apparently it happens about 50% or less of the time. When you disable the anti theft and if the battery dies or the cables come off the battery it will fall in fail mode. Which means the security system shuts power down to the starter and car won't start. So we have to get the BCM or is it the PCM reprogrammed so the car will crank.

And that my friends is why I am going crazy......
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What a bad time of it you are having... I've read alot of your threads and am starting to wonder if anything ever goes right for you?

I'm sure things will get better and you'll find your ex-step mums number when you don't need - PUT IT SOMEWHERE SAFE WHEN YOU DO!!

Good Luck with the car and I hope you get to have some quality time with your hubby soon.
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Things are not normally like this but its just been a bad run of things here lately. Such is life sometimes I suppose. Things will get better that I am sure of.
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