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Flowers in a basket or vase?

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy flowers for my mom's bday.

Do flowers last longer in a basket, or a vase?

Also, which flowers do you think last the longest? I find that lilies last awhile and roses wilt the quickest.

What do you guys think?

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dont get anything with geberas in either, they go down hill prety quick too.

I dont know about the flowers or vase question sorry!
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Well, with that additive florists offer with bouquets, your mom's flowers could last a week or longer (I've also heard that if you don't have that, a teaspoon of white sugar added to the water prolongs the life of the cut flowers!) I find roses last well, also daisies; lilies, irises, carnations and such don't generally last as long, but I like mixed bouquets with lots of different shapes and colors, and my mom always loved them, too. Good luck! and I'm sure your mom will love whatever flowers you choose for her.
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crysanthemums last for ages. They stay in great shape for about a week and a half, and I just remove the wilting ones gradually. They can last about 3weeks sometimes. They are also cheap so you can buy a bigger bouquet.

I tend to buy my flowers (yes I buy flowers for myself) from a supermarket as they last longer. Ones from a flourist only seem to last a week. Don't know what it's like where you are though..

I prefer vases....
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Yes, if you make it a big mixed bouquet, your mom can remove things as they wilt and rearrange it, add supermarket flowers to it if she wants, and keep it going for weeks! Personally, I love mini-chrysanthemums... they're so cheerful, and they mix well with almost anything. And a vase is definitely the way to go, to make it easy to care for and longer-lasting.
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Once a flower is picked/cut it's already on a cycle of dying.

The best thing is to use a vase with that floral fresh stuff in it, or even put the flowers directly in regular (not diet) 7-Up. Some say to add a few drops of bleach to the water but I've never tried that.
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