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Nicknames for Cats

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Once our Zane--who is built rather like a furry rugby ball with legs--got into one of those moods when he would run through the house at full speed, and Father said, "Does he think he's a cheetah or something?" I said, "A pretty chubby cheetah!"

That got us started:

Chubby Cheetah
Lumpy Lynx
Lardbottomed Leopard
Plump Panther
Tubby Tiger
Jelly-Belly Jaguar
Lazy Lion
Ovoid Ocelot
Blubberous Bobcat
Corpulent Caracal
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Omigosh -- those are some creative nicknames! Let's see, for The Nine:

Nicolas T. Cat is definitely my Lion Kinglet
Calo is The Gipsy King and my Panther-man
Samuda is the Tigret Prince, Samoodles, Smooda, Samut the Cute, and so on
Rani is, of course, the Rani Queen, Persian Purrfection, and The Most Gorgeous Creature in the Known Universe (also the Sweetest)
Sishya is the Snowshoer, and has to endure a whole bunch of silly names like Snooshus, Sneeshus, Shurshus, Seesh, you get the picture
Tarifa is the Tortoiseshell Meezer Pleaser, Taree, Tortitious, Tortellini, Tortescent, Tortelicious, and so on
Maryam was our Calico Barn Snarler, and then she became the Calico Queen of the Manor
Sahra is Tiny Sahra, Tabby Gold, Kitten-Sized, and, of course, Cutie!
Suha is Baby Su, The Bitemouth Kitten, and sometimes, just Fang
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My Butzie is just Butzie or Butzalah

My Budgies:
My RIP Vida Blue was Baby
Sandy Kofax is just Sandy
Whitey Ford is Big Fat White Thing (he is an English budgie and he should be
bigger and fatter than the others)
Yogi Berra - Yo Gee!
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You guys are good at these nicknames! We're not quite so inventive. Aside from the usual sweethearts, darlins, littleguys, and honeybunches:

-- Dylan Ishmael is also known as the Chief of Detectives (or just Chief), because he wears a grey suit and patrols the house for intruders.

-- Sassy Lane is also Sassygirl, Sassydoll, and -- when my mom is really feeling silly -- Sassy Lassie.

-- Clyde Lee is also known as Officer Clyde (because he drives the black-and-white and is second-in-command to Dylan) and Greeneyes, but I often call him My Sweet Babboo. (What did I say about Mom being silly? )

-- Pearl Noelle is also known as Pearl the Squirrel, because even when she was a kitten, she had twice the tailfluff of any normal kitty; and Pearlygirl.

-- Abby Helen is also known as Miss Abby and Mama Abby, since she's the only one of our kitties who is a parent. (She's Clydie's mom, in fact! He was one of five beautiful boys born to her at the shelter.)

-- St. John Dundee is also known as Hurricane Dundee (for the swirls on his sides), Orange Flash (for his amazing speed when he was tiny), Puddinhead (when my father is being all mushy about him), and Punkin.

I wonder what the kitties call us...
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Ziggy : Zig Zag, Zigs, Mummy, Baby

Links : Chicky (don't know why)

Diego : Tiger, chunky monkey

Pixie : Princess, Spotty Bell (she has a spotty belly)

And Lola has gone now but... Princess, fluff butt, pretty
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