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Getting very discouraged

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Sorry to be such a whiner but I am really losing hope on finding my kitty.

Does anyone have any stories of there cat being lost and for how long?
I have gone to all the links here and have got some great tips and I am using them all. Just wanted some encouragement. Life just doesn't seem the same without her.
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I lost my Sam. He was gone for 2 weeks. He came back on Christmas Day. I think he may have been stuck in someone's garage. Please don't give up hope. Post fliers, check all of the shelters, ask neighbors. Look in the SOS forum for local private cat shelters. I found 3 cat shelters I didn't even know existed when I looked! Good Luck!
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Oh good, that really does make me feel better. Thank you.
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I understand you completely.
My "Mi Jauw" is still missing since 09-05-2002 and I still look for him 24/7.
Some days you deal better with it then other days but in general it is one big dispare.
The only encouragement I found was in a story here in Holland that a cat came back after 4 years.
But at the same time I do not want to wait so long and I miss him very very much.
The only advise I can give you is; Keep Looking, Keep Asking,Keep Hanging Flyers.
I have put flyers in every public place like schools, library, supermarkets etc.,
Lots of good luck and keep your spirits up!

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First of all, !!!!!!

Just keep looking and don't give up hope! Your kitty misses you too, and wants to find a way back to you and the wonderful home she knew. Posters and pestering are your best chance. Post them at local Vet's offices too - God Forbid she gets hurt, but on the off chance someone brings her in (even if they try to keep her as a pet!), if Vets have a pic and accurate description, they can always take a close look at strays brought in for medical attention or closely scrutinize "new" pets. Our Vet found someone's pet that way! (Although the people who "adopted" her did it quite innocently, as the cat, to them, was a stray).
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when i was a kid.
they were mostly outdoor cats, and Puss (creative name...) used to go visit a lady down the street. She'd come back smelling like bacon & eggs. At first we thought Puss was just staying there longer than usual (usual was a few hours). Then she didn't come back.
It was November, cold. We were worried.
Then, after almost a month my mom looked out the window and yelled 'PUSS!'
Puss was walking up the driveway. She ran in when we opeend the door. She was filthy and scrawny. I'd never seen my mom so concerned about a cat. Puss at four envelopes of tender vittles. We brushed the dust and grime out of her coat.
I don't know what happened to her, but I'm glad she made it back.
I hope your kitty makes it back too, and yes keep those flyers, adds, and phonecalls going!!!!

Bendy's mom
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I don't have any advice, but I wanted to say I hope you find your kitty soon safe and sound.
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Thanks so much everyone, it helps to hear your stories. It just sickens me to think it will be in the 20's tonight (yes in Florida) and she is out there scared and cold. I guess animals have a way of keeping themselves warm. I bought some cans of sardines in oil for the trap tonight so hopefully those smelly things will lure her to the trap.
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Sending positive thoughts your way. Never give up hope. There are alot of amazing stories out there with happy endings.
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I am so sad to hear you still have not found her! She is still in my prayers!!! If it helps any.....I had a cat disappear once, and gave up all hope, and 5 months later, she just appeared on my doorstep like she had never even left. Freaked me out, I called all my friends and said, " Whiskers is back!!!".....this time she has been gone for 3 months, but I am pretty sure that she will show up again! (she just likes to roam...a feral by birth and tamed by me)
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Thanks again everyone for all your kind words. I am still looking every day. My friend and I both went and bought our own Live Traps and used some great tips I found here. I just don't understand why she hasn't gone into them yet unless someone has her or she is in someones garage and is scared to come out. I may move the traps in a couple neighbors garages.
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Don't give up hope. I once watched a documentary on this cat who went missing for 3 months and showed up at the owners doorstep. It was about this family and their 4 cats. The parents had to move away from their home but their two kids stayed behind as they were entering into a local college. So the parents took all the cats but one of them never did settle in to the new environment and area. One day he went missing and the owners were frantic looking around for him. After weeks of searching they gave up hope. A few months later they received a call from their daughter saying she found the cat outside the doorstep of their old house. The cat actually travelled 90 over miles, cross country to return to his previous home! He's now happily living with the daughter
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Just wanted to let you know I've kept you and kitty in my prayers. Please don't give up hope and try not to despair! There have been so many encouraging stories of hope, and so many more we don't know about. I pray we can add your kitty to that list soon!!!!!

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I will pray also that your cat will soon come home. Sometimes someone thinks they are homeless and will keep them inside. If that person leaves the door open, and you are still keeping the sweaty clothes out and the food in the trap, your cat has an amazing sense of smell! Take heart in that. Of course we will keep praying and sending "come home" thoughts to your kitty. I know how hard this is for you. God bless.
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when i was a young girl i had a cat named Baby Boo that went missing one day. My mother keeped calling and visiting our humane society hopeing she would turn up. Well she showed up and we got her back,6 MONTHS LATER! Dont give up! Boo had been hanging around the High School and the kids had been feeding her there lunches, till someone brought her in. We were living on a farm at the time 8 miles from the school. We think boo might have been in the back of the pickup truck when we drove to town and jumped out at the first stop sign. It was my mother who never gave up looking for Boo.
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Wow, you guys are so sweet and thoughtful. Still no kitty but we have 2 traps set (caught lots of possums!) LOL! Made some new flyers offering a reward and put add in paper.
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Saying another prayer for your cat! I know how you feel, my dog Scruffy has been missing for a week. I hope they both come home!!! Keep us posted!
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I am saying a prayer for you and your lost kitty. I hope you are reunited very soon. Keep the faith. Positive thoughts and many prayers coming your way.
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Thanks again. My firend said she had heard a couple of cats fighting/mating etc..? across the street the night before last. She saw one and did not get a look at the other so I am hoping maybe it was her. I had not yet had her fixed. My firend moved the trap over to where she heard all the hanky panky going on.
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If she came in heat while she was out, that might be the answer to her disappearance. I so hope she comes home soon.
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Oh Jeanie - I hope that's the answer! KC65 - you may be a new mommy soon! Got all of you in my prayers :tounge2: .

...when we were trapping the ferals around here, we caught lots of possums, and the largest raccoon Gary and I had ever seen. I'm just so darn glad we never trapped one of the many skunks around here!

Good luck - got my fingers crossed, too.
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Hi, don´t worry too much. Our across the street neighbours missed their cat for 2 weeks. Actually I found out she was locked in at our next door neighbours´.The cat suvived undammaged only became a greedy eater.So , don´t give up. Those cats and their curiosity. Hope your furry will turn up soon.
All the best Elisabeth
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