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Another Marcie and Darcy thread (long)

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I am amazed at how quickly (I'm talking days) Marcie accepted Darcy after we brought her into the house. I have read many threads where it took weeks, if not months to reach that point for others.

I have noticed a small problem though. Marcie seems depressed. She still eats normally, she hasn't stopped using the litterbox out of protest or anything like that, but she just doesn't seem to be her old self. I figure that it is just something that will take a little more time for her, but I just thought that I would see what everybody here thought.

Marcie and Darcy will occasionally chase each other, but Marcie will not play in any other way now. She occasionally baps Darcy on the head (no claws or blood involved) but other than that, there is no aggression. Do I worry too much?

Darcy, being the affectionate little creature that she is, tries to play with Marcie and gives her little head bumps of love, but gets bapped on the head for her efforts. I try to give each of them affection and love individually, making sure that Marcie is the first one that gets greeted when I come home so she doesn't feel replaced, but she isn't talkative like she used to be. The only time that she is really happy with me is in the mornings I wake up with her in my armpit and she is all love and cuddles until I get up...then I am promptly cut off from her good graces. Will she get over this?

BTW, she is going to the vet in a couple of weeks, so I will ask about it there, but I wanted some opinions from here.
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Awww poor Marcie I have no advice in that department, but wanted to send some feel better vibes for her
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I am certainly not an expert, but when I brought Oliver home last year, Sophie appeared to be depressed - or maybe her nose was out of joint! After Oliver died, I often wondered if Sophie might have sensed Oliver's illness and simply "rejected" him. I was concerned this year when I got Cosmo, that she would react him the same way. This was not the case. Although it has taken her a long time to warm up to him, she will play with him, etc. My suggestion is to make sure you give Marcie "more" love and attention than Darcy, just so she won't feel "left out"! Good luck!
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