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Fresh step litter?

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I have been reading a lot of different threads about litter lately and was wondering if Fresh step is ok. I have been using it for about 1 year now, and it is the only litter we have found that Samba will use. So is it ok to use? How bad is it for the cats? Should I try to just use that in one litter box and put something else in the others?


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I really like Fresh Step. It's got a little bit more dust than I'd like, but it's affordable and it controls the smell, and the cats like it.
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I like Fresh Step the best so far too. I hate that it is dusty....but it clumps so well and Zoe has done great with it. When I have tried to mix in Tidy Cats and Exquisite Cat(?) to keep the dust down, they didn't clump well at all and breaks to little pieces. Next I am going to try mixing in Dr. Elsey's (no dust) that I've read about on here and seeing how that does with it.
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I use Fresh Step and like it well enough. It gets the job done.
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Fresh Step is too dusty and the perfume sets off my allergies pretty bad. The Cedar scoop is ok, but my cats aren't huge fans of it. I never tried the unscented Fresh Step--I could only find it at Petsmart and the markup compared to Target/Walmart's price for regular Fresh Step, was a little steep.

We use Tidy Cats Scoop or store brand scoopable most of the time.

ETA-Fresh Step does clump really well.
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murphy's used fresh step his whole life (10 yrs) and he loves it... both the regular and cedar variety. so do i. it clumps well and the odor control is awesome.
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I use Fresh-Step Multiple Cats, and I love it, so do the kits!!
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I'm happy with Fresh Step Free (unscented)-it is a bit dusty but it clumps well and no stinky smell in my home.
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I use Fresh Step. It's by far, the best at controling odor out of all the many litters I've tried over the years. I saw on TV that they have a perfume free/unscented litter now? I haven't tried that out yet but it may be worth trying.
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