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kitten knocks over bowls

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Kahu knocks over the water bowls, especially at night when we are asleep - he has this little mouse that he just loves and he plays with it and he ends up going into the kitchen and hits all the water bowls for the cats and in the morning, theres no water left because hes knocked them all over! We bought those water bowls that are in pairs - the metal ones in a frame thingy. But to no avail, because Peedoodles water bowl has to be elevated and it got knocked over this morning. I know he is a kitten and he will play like this, but how do I remedy the water bowl problem so that he doesnt knock them off or drag them off?

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Hmmmmm........ Can you put the water bowls up higher? or perhaps get some heavy china bowls till he is older or perhaps the mousey can be put away when it's bed time? (I know that sounds awful!) Get an upright container that just has a small opening for the water to sit in (Do you know what I mean?) Put the water bowls in the bath tub at night time! ummmmm....... that's about all I can think of at the moment! I am sure you will get much better advise!
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I actually saw in a pet store a plastic tray type thing with the two bowls attached. Maybe your pet store has that sort of thing. OR, you could make one yourself.
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Nothing worked for Loki. I even bought the virtually spill proof bowl from Drs. Foster & Smith. That thing holds up to a gallon of water, can you imagina a 11 lb cat managing to dump it over???!!! Anyway, wound up putting the "spill proof bowl" into the bathroom sink - problem solved!
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I discovered it wasnt Kahu who was knocking the bowls over. The real culprit was actually Penka - we caught her trying to pick them up with her teeth and tipping them over.
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Aren't cats so creative when they want to be???


You could bolt their waterdish to the floor! How about velcro?

Sorry, out of ideas!
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