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Question of the Day - October 18th

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what is the Halloween costume that was your most favorite from childhood?

my Grandma used to sew all our costumes before she passed away and I (as well as my sister and cousin) was a clown one year, it was an awesome costume!
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Wearing costumes is something we never did in the UK until recently.

I think that's the only time i wish i was a kid again because i'd love it
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I loved dressing up like a gypsy I did for several years!!
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My mother never allowed me to dress up for Halloween. My father let me one year, and I had a homemade Dalmatian dog costume, LOL. That's the only time I ever dressed up.
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Oh!... unfortunately here in mexico when I was child doesn´t celebrate the Halloween like now!.. But I really wish to have a costume of a Black kitty!......
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The princess - hoola hoop threaded through the hem of an old organdy dress and all the princess trimmings!

That or the year at high school I adorned myself with campaign stickers and went as a Republican.
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'course I got Chicken Pox and couldn't Trick or Treat that year...

I wore the costume anyway.
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Hmm...I loved being a Red Crayon when I was about a year old...Still have the costume!
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I was Odie one year It was sooooo cute! Except everyone thought I was a bunny

FYI- Odie is Garfields canine friend In case anyone didn't know..
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The one I remember is a VERY tall clown costume. I sat on my dad's shoulders and we had a full clown costume. My mom sewed it and dad had to peek out the "buttons" to see where he was going. We one a prize for it in the neighborhood parade.

The other fav (don't remember other then from pics) was me as a "Jack in the Box" - must have been about 4 or 5 yrs old. The judges didn't know if it was a boy or girl
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My favorite was when I was a bathtub! I have a pic in one of my albums from our school parade.
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My mom handmade me a dino costume. It was so cute and I wore it all the time. There are so many pictures of me in that costume for the next 3 years I asked my mom if I ever wore normal clothes
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I don't know if it was my favorite but I will never forget the year my mother made me dress up as the queen of hearts.
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My mom made a Princess Leia costume (from the 1977 movie). Complete with the hair buns wig
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My mother made 'Fairy Princess' costumes for my sister and I, with tulle skirts with sequins sewn on, tulle wings, a wand with a star on the end of it (wrapped in foil) and rhinestone tiaras. I was the purple fairy princess and my sister was the pink fairy princess.
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i always liked Halloween, it was the only time of year i could go out, with out fear of the
local villeger chasing me with pitchforkes and torchs
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My favorite childhood Halloween costume was when I dressed up as an Imperial Royal Guard from Return of the Jedi. My dad made the entire costume from head to toe and it was a dead ringer for the ones in the movie. Unfortunately my less than Star Wars savvy neighbors all thought I was supposed to be Spider-Man. I was ever so pissed...
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