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Roo's teets (sp?)

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When Roo was a baby, he cleaned himself so much that his two bottom teets would get scabs on them. Then it stopped for awhile. Now it's started again. What is with this cat? He grooms himself so much that it's causing marks!? Should I worry? They're not bleeding. It went away before, maybe it'll go away again. Maybe because I've been sick lately with my wisdoms being removed, I haven't been able to spend any attention on them so he's overdoing it on himself? Please help.

Also, when Roo was a baby he had a hernia which was operated on and is fine, but I can't help thinking that all his extra flab around the middle is due to the operation not being done properly (It was done at the S.P.C.A.). I mean, what if the surgeon didn't quite sew up his stomach muscles or the layers of skin properly? He's got no fat anywhere else, he's quite solid, but that roll around the middle just hangs there...

Thanks for any comments you might be able to make.
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I'll move this to health and nutrition where it will get the proper attention.
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Vikki, because it went away the first time within a few days, I never questioned it. It came and went while he was a kitten, but I never thought it was a real cause to take him to the vet. But he's do for his shots anyway so I'll ask the vet about that.

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Tamme - do get it checked out, it could be a number of things. I've been going through this with my black ex-stray, Ferdy. Only he is grooming so madly that he is actually breaking off his fur and has developed bald patches.

The vet said it could be an allergic reaction to fleas. So we gave him a series of flea treatments and nothing changed. Then we were told that it could be boredom; lack of stimulation. Being winter, the cats don't go for their daily scamper in the garden + Ferdy was used to living by his wits in the 'wild' and now that getting food is no longer a challenge he could be bored.

We played with him INCESANTLY. And still the licking and chewing continued.

Evenutally, the vet gave me some pills as she thought it could be an imbalance in his hormones. That seems to be doing the trick. He has stopped licking and grooming and the fur is growing back quickly, and any soreness has disappeared. The downside is that he has developed a voracioius appetite (we were warned), and is now eating for like a small black horse.

Re: the hernia. I know from my own stomach surgery (not for a hernia, but in a similar area physically), that if the muscles are cut it can be very difficult to get any toning back into them. Even with sit-ups I still have a little 'tummy' and cats don't do sit-ups!!!

I think it may be just loose muscle - not incorrect surgery, just an ineviable consequence.
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I think it may be just loose muscle - not incorrect surgery, just an ineviable consequence.
Thanks Yola, that helps a lot!
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