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Daily Thread Thurs Oct 18

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Good moooooooooooooooooorning everyone!!

I am in a great mood today..I got a bonus yesterday, its my early day, I have two sales appointments..and Trout is on me I couldn't be better!

I hope you all have an equally awesome day

Oh, and don't forget...ER and Greys tonight
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Morning! Nice one on the bonus Nat

Nearly the end of the week and i'm on holiday for a week

It's really chilly here today, and someone was scraping ice from their car window this morning
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Hullo hullo! That bonus will always come in handy eh? Good on you! And lucky you Susan, getting a vacation! I was supposed to be on vacation two weeks ago, but when we got to Berlin, I fell on the stairs inside the hotel (immediately after checking in) so I didn't get to go anywhere, except home, to be put on crutches. Damn. At least I'm walking again!! Today I'm planning to do all the cleaning I need to do and then I'm going to flick through House of Brides catalogue!

Oh and another thing - I know it's been a long long time since I was last here, but when did your new little cutie show up? Jack looks like just the little darling!
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Its guess what rainy today and very very windy!!! We got another 1/2 inch of rain and more exected today and through tomorrow.

Got some items cleaned up in veg garden-it wasn't to muddy just stepped on lots of tomatoes!!

Tomorrow we are leaving for a mini vacation-going to the Quad Cities area and Galena,IL too.

Have to run to bank for some cash and some snacks for the car. I have to get my neighbor over to show them all the cat stuff too. They haven't taken care of them before but are familiar with all of them so hopefully it should go ok.

Not much else-seems I have a stuffy nose but it doesn't feel like a cold (thankfully).

Thanks about all-have a good day!
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Seems like Whitey is getting better He's still sneezing a little, but when I woke up this morning he was sitting underneath the window watching birds fly by Then today when I got home he came downstairs and squeeked.

Beauty is doing well, her URI is mild. I had her Thyroid retested yesterday as well and hers went from a 5 (March 07) to a 9 (yesterday). So she's getting the gel to rub in her ears to treat the thyroid Our previous vet kept wanting to give her pills and she just doesn't take pills.

Otherwise we're just spending another day, hanging out. I was sent 2 possible contract from the recruiter. Hopefully I get a call back for an interview. SOMETHING has to give.
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Juuuuuust another day here Its rainy & icky again, but I don't care as long as its not hot outside! Its been in the 50s so I'm loving it!

Tonight is Ugly Betty, CSI & ER!
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Good afternoon everyone! Just about done cleaning the fish tank out. It was very icky! Next I'll be attacking the bathroom! Yay!

Tonight I'm going to a Bulild-A-Bear workshop with my Mom. Never been to one so it should be interesting...not that I can spend any money!
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