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Help I am really worried

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Has anyone here had any experience with pnemonia? I noticed two weeks ago my cat doing what I thought was trying to bring up a furball. Didn't notice him doing it again till last week. I bought some over the counter furball stuff and used vasilene on his paws. He didn't seem to pass anything and was eating and peeing fine. Two nights ago he was defineatly not himself so I call the vet in the morning and made an appointment. Yesterday I took him to the vet and he had a temp of 104. The vet thinks he has a furball but that he may have asperated into his lungs abit so he gave me clavamox. He also gave me laxatone. Told me if he gets worse by Friday to bring him in but that he won't show improvement for a few more days. I have been searching the net and everything I read about lung asperaition is not good. So I am wondering if anyone has experience with pnemonia? Did your cat get better? How long did it take and were there any lifelong issues? My cat is 6 months old and just a few weeks was nuetured which he seemed to recover from but seemed depressed afterwards. The vet says he has labored breathing but that he couldn't hear any fluid in his lungs. The vet didn't seem all that concerned. God, it is awful when one of my fur babies is sick.
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I don't have any personal experience that I can share but I just wanted to say that I hope your cat gets better soon and that medicine works quickly!

Good thing you got him to the vet!
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I feel your pain - there is nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong or what to do. Often, warmth and ensuring enough nourishment are almost as important as the medication. My Dushka had pneumonia as a kitten at three weeks and nearly died. An Xray showed her lungs were full of fluid. But she had three weeks on antibiotics, can't remember which one, and I kept her very warm all the time. I took her with me everywhere in a fleece lined pouch next to me and she slept with me at night - scary to start with, in case I rolled on her, but she was just fine. I had to syringe feed her as she couldn't smell to eat. Now she is five, no health issues but still sleeps every night in the crook of my arm under the duvet and is totally bonded with her human in a way I have never had with any other cat.

The only other thing that rang bells with me, was when you mention laboured breathing, but no sign of fluid. There can be other causes of that - one which often manifests itself at 5/6 months of age is a ruptured diaphragm, which can be repairable. I had this with my Persil, who was operated on and is now fine with normal life expectancy. It can be caused by an accident, or is a genetic condition. Again, it is only diagnosed with an Xray.

I do hope you have a good outcome.
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