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Got a Kitty Facial!

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Butzie came over to me and licked my face - cheeks, nose and chin. With her rather rough tongue, I felt that I was getting an exfoliation for free. I praised her and then washed my face.

I don't know if this is okay, but my skin looked great the next day and Butzie is just fine and very happy with the job she had done.
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How cute. Blossom loves to lick us. Hands, feet when we pat her. She grabs your arm & won't let go. I can't say I like the feel of a cats tongue but I let her do it for a couple of seconds.
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Oooh, a free facial! As long as you washed your face afterwards I can't imagine it being a problem... and you save money on exfoliating products
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Sounds painful to me! Glad you washed your face afterwards; we all know where that tongue has been!
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The feral cat that I took in over a year ago immediately starts licking me the moment I start petting him and doesn't stop until I leave. It hurts like heck (his tongue is super rough compared to my other cats) and I think with him it's probably more mutual grooming than affection at this point, but if it makes him more comfortable or helps him feel that I'm part of his family then I don't want to make him stop. I can't imagine letting him lick my face... I'm pretty sure skin would come off! =P
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Freya loves to give me a facial when I'm at the computer by standing on the keyboard to reach me easier. Or she'll give me one in the morning to get me out of bed sooner!
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This may sound weird, but I do like the feel of a cat's tongue. I guess I just think of it is a way Butzie is telling me that she wants to take of me like I take care of her. Hands, face, okay. Feet - no. I have really sensative feet.

I also let my budgies kiss me and I kiss them. I just love animals, though I only would let a pet kiss me. Can you imagine a giraffe's tongue kissing you? I'll get my full body massages somewhere else
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