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My Three Kitties

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Hey everybody! I have been posting for a few months now and have met alot of you very nice cat people. I would like you to re-meet my three kitties.
Sterling, our boy kitty, the talker of the group. He is the first one to meow and tap on my legs and shoulder of the food bowl runs empty. Sterling is 5 years old, he is a Persian kitty.
Coco Maui, hence my screen name, is a Persian too, I think, she doesn't have the flat face like Sterling though. Maybe some breeders can help me identify what breed or mix she is. She is our baby. She is about 1.5 years old and a little scardy cat. But what a sweet little kitty!
Berkley is 2.5 years old. She is our friendly lap kitty. So attentive too!
Just thought I would re-introduce them to you I am going to make a new signature with their pictures when I get the time.


Here is Sterling:
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And Coco:
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And Berk Berk:
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You have very beautiful furrbabies! Sorry I can't help you with the breed identification, I have no experience with that. But good luck with it!
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What beautiful kitties you have! Coco looks just like my cat that I had when I was living at my parents - he was a birman/chinchilla mix.
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What beautiful furbabes you have! Coco Maui could be a persian, even if she doesn't have a flat face. Some breeders are breeding "doll-faced" persians (I believe that's the name) that have a less-flattened face. I'm sure you could find some examples on meowhoo.com.
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Great looking cats... thanks for sharing!
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Very pretty cats! Sterling has an expressive face!
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Nice pics!!

The one of Sterling had me laughing though. It looks like he is saying:

"Haven't I told you not to take me picture till I've had my morning coffee?!"

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Thanks everybody!

Sterling is very expressive, you are right! Talk about matting furr though! What a coat to try to get de-tangled!

Coco hunts lizards all day in our screened in back yard. She catches them and brings them inside while they are alive. We have to catch them and put them back outside on the other side of the screen where she can't get to them.
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I'm new here, and was nosin around found your kitties, and wanted to show you how much my Sassy looks like your Coco. I also have one that is nothing but a fur ball, and going to get one tomorrow morning, from the animal control shelter. Your cats are very pretty! When I get Merlin, I'll show everyone my family...lol
Thanx again for the pics!
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OPPPS! my pic didn't go in. Well, I'll try again another time...like when I learn what it is I'm doing...lol
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What lookers you have Ginger! Thanks for sharing their photos.
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Your kitties are all sooooo beautiful!!!! I don't know a lot about breed identification, but I did a search and found a thread that might help answer your questions about Coco Maui. Here is the link, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...t=Persian+cats
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Thanks Lorie! I'll take a look at that site
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Ginger - I have a real soft spot for Persians. Sterling looks a little like my Baliero (but Balie's a solid blue), the little grumpy face hiding the sweetest and cuddliest nature on earth.

All 3 of your as such sweeties, thanks for sharing their piccies with us.
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Oh your kitties are adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
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I especially like Coco.
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