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Color? breed?

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I have never seen a cat, let alone a kitten colored like this before.

They were born on October 7th. Into the rescue organization I volunteer for... I was there when these guys were born and had to pull one of them out of her. A

Anyway.. I just wanted to know if their coat types have a specific name or if the mom could have been bred with some sort of purebred cat or something.


First born kitten. One I had to pull out. Male. Brownish face and light grey body.

Second born kitten. Male. Black head and gets lighter until it's a really light grey at his tail.

Third kitten. Female. Again dark head and body coloring gets lighter.

Fourth kitten. Female. Dark head again and spots fade out to light again.

Any ideas?
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I think you will find that they darken into a more normal color/tabby pattern or solid with ghost striping when they get older and lose their baby fur I have seen a few like that, especially the black one with gray as you go down the body Very cool and unique looking.
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They all look like blue and variations thereof. I see 1. blue ticked tabby, 2. blue mac tabby, 3. blue ticked and white and 4. Blue and white. Any idea what color dad is? However, Jen is right - wait a few weeks and we'll see what happens then.

Mom is obviously a black DMH who is masking a heck of a lot of colors!
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Am I right in thinking that some dark kittens are born with a "fever coat", or a gray coat that turns black again after a few weeks? I've seen that before, and I get the idea that the warmth inside mom can do that.
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She is an awesome cat. Someone declawed her, but didn't spay her.. -shakes head-

No idea what dad could be. She was a drop off at someones house. They brought her in after she was left at their house.

If anything, they have gotten lighter in color. Especially the first born.
I cant wait for these guys to grow up so I can see what their true colors are though.
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They look like fever coat to me.
Cute as buttons though, especially that winking tabby

Post more pics in a couple weeks.
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Probably fever coat which will change as the kittens get olders. Could also be a smoke gene involved (have to wait and see).
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