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Is she in heat?

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My momma foster kitty is driving me nuts. We had a check up today and one of the kittens isn't quite big enough to be spayed, so we're putting off momma and kittens surgery for another week or 2. I figured it would be easier if they all had it done at the same time (mom and two 10 week old kittens). They all got a shot and slept most of the day away. Then momma woke up and I'm pretty sure she's in heat! Either that or she's lost her mind. She's a very, very vocal cat to begin with. Now she's constantly yowling very loud. She's got the butt up in the air and doing this vibrating thing. She's belly crawling on the floor with her tail up in the air...just acting crazy.

So my questions...she's in heat, correct? How long does this torture continue? Does she have to be finished with her cycle before surgery? Oh, and this may be sound stupid, but should I seperate her from her male kitten? He's not old enough, right? I think sexual maturity in cats is around 5-6 months...

Thanks! I'm not new to cats by any means, just new to cats who aren't fixed yet. New world to me!
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Yes I am sure she is in heat again by now, they can go into heat and get prego again very shortly after giving birth. And no, a 10 week old kitten cannot impregnate its mother.
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Our vet spayed my sister's cat while she was in heat.. some prefer to wait or will add on extra charges, though.
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You can look around for a vet that won't charge extra for spaying while in heat. I found a few near me that won't charge for spaying while in heat or while pregnant which is great and significantly cheaper.
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They are foster cats, they belong to the Humane Society. I can only take her to the HS clinic. I want what is best for her health wise, not just because she's driving me crazy. If it's harder to find a vet to do the surgery while in heat, it must not be best for the cat.
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Yeah, the vet has to be more careful about blood loss, because during heat the reproductive organs are enlarged. So you could wait 'til after the heat is over.

She'll be miserable for a while, but wait it out (and make sure she can't get out a door, claw through a screen, etc.).
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